How To Keep Rain Off Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Many people rely solely on motorcycles for everyday movement or travels, as they have no other means of commuting. Low visibility from the visor of your helmet is bound to happen due to bad rainy weather. Motorbike riding carries with it, its dangers when now associated with rain, the dangers doubles or triples the risk of being in a dangerous or harmful condition. 


Safety is the paramount thing a rider must remember while riding. Always ensure that your visibility is not hampered at any time of the day as good visibility is what makes the trip a secure one. The rainy and stormy season normally poses numerous difficulties for people who use motorbikes as a means of travel. In the rainy season, certain precautions must be taken seriously because they are necessary for the protection of the rider.

It becomes all mashy when it rains. This can cause a lot of issues. Power is usually out when rain falls in underdeveloped parts of the world. This can pose a huge challenge as there will be a problem of illumination. So, you need to look very well, apply caution and drive smoothly. Ride cautiously while you’re on the lane. Rainwater mostly gets between the motorcycle’s tires, thus decreases the grip.


  • Keep the bike tires in excellent condition and check for wear & tear frequently.
  • Before riding your bike, please check your motorcycle clutch and brakes because it will save you from a lot of trouble or crashes.
  • Frequently keep lubricated the pieces of your motorcycle that require lubrication to operate correctly and effectively under any circumstances.
  • Ride carefully. Try not to jump speed off and repeatedly use your brakes when an occasion comes up for it.
  • Make sure you hold your motorcycle clear, firm, and smooth while riding in the rain. 
  • Put in place a form of lightning on your motorcycle so that you can get a better and clearer view of the road ahead of you and stay safe.

It is important to know how to keep the rain off the motorcycle helmet visor. To keep droplets of rain from spattering, you have to do some visor treatment. Similarly, by following any car with good headlights, especially at night during rain, you can also get a clear vision, this can be a great benefit for you.

With enhanced visibility by trailing a vehicle with enough light would give you better odds of riding safely. You must have good visibility for your safety. For this, a lightning feature would be a positive consideration for your bike. Everything should be clear and obvious to you. 

The rider should be more careful when riding the bike, like in the rain. He should be in a position to have a better view than normal. Some people prefer to go for less expensive items, however, for better safety, it is not always prudent to do so.

You have to choose a helmet that is solid and good. If the content is not of high quality, the protection you expect from it will not be given. If you go for just anyhow helmet visor, you won’t get a good vision when riding. The particles in clouds and water droplets in rain will overwhelm your helmet visor when exposed to harsh weather, and your view will be obstructed.



Several water repellent products exist, some are. Kiwi camp dry, Rust-Oleum, and Rain-X, which are manufactured specifically to keep waterproof glass surfaces clean and clear.

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Buy a good water repellent and properly clean the helmet visor with it before riding your bike. When it comes to water repellants, Rain-X is the most commonly used water repellent product, which works well.


This alternative takes a bit of money or investment but perfectly does the job. A pin lock is an extra interchangeable insert made of such a substance containing water-absorbing properties. When in contact with water, it behaves like a sponge and absorbs it all.

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There is also a flow of air in between the visors which act as a temperature insulator for the helmet. It’s a feature you can add and it is totally worth your money or investment. The choice is yours whether you want to invest in a seamless and secure riding experience or not.


Nowadays, several firms are making gloves with rubber squeegee blades, these are attached to the finger of the gloves. This can serve as a medium to wash off the rain droplets on the front of your helmet.








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You can also buy as many rubber blades as you want and fix them when some of them fall out. You can also keep an extra in preparation for a rainy day.


Chamois leather is commonly used for drying and buffering surfaces especially vehicles and motorcycles around the world due to its active drying and absorption properties. It is an elastic substance that can be reused for a long time frame.

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It’s a must-have for instant drying for the visor of your helmet. The process is not costly and is widely used for purposes such as this. So get yours today and keep the rain off your motorcycle helmet.


There are many types of motorcycle gloves built in such a way that you can wipe the visor of your helmet with it. Various prototypes have common pros and cons.

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You can search them online and compare them to find one that is best matched to your unique needs. One that is suitable will function very well for your motorcycle helmet.


A film coating is another way to waterproof the helmet and keep rain from it. Generally, a film coating can either be dustproof or waterproof or it can possess both characteristics.

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You should add it to the visor of your helmet to do your work.


Rubbing a piece of potato on your helmet visor also protects it to a certain degree in low rain showers. In heavy rains, this approach is often not very successful, but worth noting.

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Tilting the head sideways when driving will even wash the water out of the helmet. But in the event of a fast storm, it’s too dangerous, because a minor error will cause an injury, so be careful.


Often wear a face mask and a bottleneck to prevent the inner helmet visor from being waterlogged or fogged. Failure to do so will cause the trapping of the heat that is expelled from your body, which results in the visor being fogged from the inside and thereby hinders visibility.

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This will force you to stop again and again cleaning it out, which is not a lasting cure, as it will fog again as you start to drive. In this case, the remedy is a well-designed helmet with built-in fog protection vents and using anti-fog agents when needed


Riding without any precautionary steps taken during rainy weather is certainly not the right way to go. Except in actual adventures, everybody should be pertinent about safety precautions. When rain is falling, the rider should be vigilant when cycling and should also take certain safety precautions before riding a bike in the stormy rain.

With all that has been said above, riding a bike in the rain can be an adventurous experience, but still a dangerous one. So take precautions seriously when driving a motorcycle in these circumstances. If you can’t duly follow safety precautions and protect yourself, I would advise you don’t ride in the rain.

In certain nations, majorly the advanced countries, riding a motorcycle is more of a necessity as motorcycles are seen as a viable means of transportation than a pleasure trip since a significant proportion of our population uses motorcycles as their everyday journey.

There are dangers and all that can come with riding a motorcycle, especially when done in the rain. However, these can be addressed and sorted; hence the essence of this write-up. The overwhelming majority of people are sometimes reckless, which results in injuries for them. The key reason for writing this article is to spread knowledge among motorcyclists especially if they find themselves in a rain situation and they need to get it off their motorcycle helmet visor.

Nowadays, a lot of people are using the gloves that come with Squeegee rubber blades to clean off the rain from the visor. Anything you want, you can pick, but you must remember that protection comes first and pick that which suits you.

We’ve highlighted and explained to you from this write-up, all possible ways to keep the rain away from the visor of a motorcycle helmet. Now it’s up to you to act on them, use them and keep yourself safe and secure on the road and also to create a safe road atmosphere for anyone to ride alongside you. All the options highlighted above are readily available. Make a choice today and purchase.