Best BMX Helmet

Riding a bicycle with a helmet is synonymous to wearing a seat belt while driving. These are safety tools needed for road movements. BMX riding is a sport of thrill, excitement, energy and passion. Therefore, it is essential to stay protected while riding. A good bicycle helmet can help keep you secure and safe.

Best BMX Helmet 2021

The best BMX helmet is a vital tool for any rider that partakes in BMX biking activities. This involves racing at high speed or making jumps while riding. Therefore you need a helmet that will duly protect you. BMX helmets provide the best protection from collisions and head injuries that can occur while engaging in BMX riding.

This helmet is a necessary tool for anyone who rides a BMX bike. This kind of helmet has reflective tapes that come with it, they serve as a warning to nearby vehicles when they are closeby or when they shine their vehicle light.

There are quite a number of BMX bike helmets out there, getting the best BMX helmet can be a bit of a tedious task, This write-up will provide you with information on how to go about buying the best BMX helmet; I would also be examining the top BMX helmets you can use.

Features To Look Out For When Purchasing The Best BMX Helmet

There are some factors you should consider when buying a BMX helmet, let us go through them so you can make an informed decision.

The Durability Of The Helmet

It is important to get a helmet that is durable. There are a lot of helmets available in the market, therefore you need to look through when buying. It is important to note that a helmet made with carbon fiber is the best you can pick and buy. However, helmets made with fiber are sometimes expensive or costly. So if you don’t really have the funds and you still want a durable helmet, you can get one made with polycarbonate plastic or in extreme cases one made from ABS plastic.

How Comfortable It Is

Comfort is key. If you put on a helmet that doesn’t fit well and is not comfortable, it will not sit well on you. A good BMX helmet should have an absorbable liner. EVA foam is one of the best materials used to make the interior lining, it helps to absorb sweat and other forms of moisture while you ride. When your helmet has a good number of vent holes, it will create room for more airflow and better breathability.

The Style Of The Helmet

Good appearance matters a lot, first impression speaks volume. It is a good thing if you get a BMX helmet that has a good appeal. A helmet should be cute and stylish. If the helmet doesn’t look fine, you may not appear professional. Luckily, different brands have their specific style and colours; so you have various options to choose from. This would give you the opportunity to choose a stylish and nice looking helmet.

Best BMX Helmet 2021 – Quick Review

  1. Triple Eight BMX Helmet

The Triple Eight is a certified helmet for your BMX rides and adventures. It comes in variant colour options such as green, blue, white etc. This helmet is made from ABS Plastic which is well known for its strength and resistance to any form of damage whether physical or chemical.

Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Skate Helmet (XS-S - Black Glossy)

It can withstand a collision or any form of crash. The material it is made of ensures the helmet remains durable and long-lasting. It comes with an EPS foam inner lining that gives all-round comfort while riding or cycling. The Triple eight BMX helmet is well certified by the industry safety organisations. It has a custom fit chin strap that you can easily adjust. It is worth its price.

  • It has a strong ABS shell
  • It comes with an EPS foam inner lining
  • It is certified by the right safety organisations
  • It has a custom-fit chin strap
  • It comes in variant colour options
  • It has size issues
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  1. Bell Sanction BMX Helmet

The Bell Sanction helmet is smooth and handy. It is suitable for light races and is specifically designed for young cyclists. It has a fiberglass shell that serves as a sturdy and protective outer casing for the rider.

BELL Unisex's Sanction MTB Full Face Helmet, Presences Matte Black, Medium/55-57 cm

This compact helmet has about 15 vents holes that provide better airflow which keep you cool and at the same time gives you the protection you need. This helmet comes in three varying sizes. Namely the small size, the medium-sized helmet and the big size. You can pick a size dependent on the circumference of your head.

  • This helmet offers excellent protection from high long collisions.
  • It gives you a cool aura
  • It is lightweight
  • It comes at a low price
  • You get ample protection from this helmet
  • It has good customers ratings and review
  • It has a sleek shape
  • It is suitable for young riders
  • The fit for this helmet appears snug
  • It is somewhat tight and may not feel comfortable
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  1. TurboSke BMX Helmet

TurboSke is a unisex helmet that is suitable for people of all ages. This helmet comes in has unique colours such as gray, blue, black, blue, pink and more. The helmet is well certified and accredited. It has two layers that serve as a better form of protection.

PedalPro Matt Black BMX Bike/Skate Helmet - Large

The TurboSke BMX helmet comes with 11 vent holes, this gives room for better ventilation and airflow. The vents create an escape route for all the heat you need to escape your head during intense BMX ride sessions. The helmet sits well when riding, it has a good fit and is comfortable. It is a high-quality helmet and it is quite affordable.

  • It has about 11 vent holes for better airflow and ventilation
  • It has an adjustment dial for a great fit
  • It has a sturdy and durable construction
  • It has various colour options
  • The inner lining sometimes shows a little
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  1. Fox Head Transition Hardshell BMX Helmet

Fox Head Hardshell Helmet is a well-designed helmet that provides the kind of security you need for BMX riding. It is accredited and certified by safety organisations. This helmet comes with 11 distinct vents, with this you can get the kind of coolness you need while riding.

Fox Dropframe Pro Helmet - Black

It also provides proper ventilation. It has a suede microfiber liner that is easily detachable or removable. You can even wash it from time to time so that it remains fresh, smells nice and is still in shape. This Hardshell BMX helmet comes in small, medium or large sizes.

  • This helmet has a good appearance
  • It is well-fitting
  • It has a trendy look
  • It is safe to use
  • It offers good protection for the back of the head and other parts of the head
  • It comes in a variety of colours in which you can pick one that you so desire
  • The area where the chin strap attaches to the helmet seems to be a weak area which can lead to a crack in the helmet
  • There are concerns with the helmet pads, they may have difficulty staying in place for a long period of time
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  1. Critical Cycles Classic Commuter BMX Helmet

This BMX helmet comes in a variety of style and colours. The Classic Commuter Helmet is certified by the CPSC safety organization. With this helmet, you can be rest assured that your head is kept safe and secure every time you ride your BMX bike.

New Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Feral Bullet Protection Deluxe Bike / Scooter / Skate / Hiking / Drift Helmet, Skateboarding, Outdoors Sports, For Head (Matte White) ( Size : S )

It has 10 separate vents holes that give room for proper airflow and ventilation. It allows you to stay cool and refreshed. It also aids in minimizing sweating; therefore there is no room for itching or any other form of discomfort often caused by most helmets.

The Critical Cycles Classic Commuter BMX Helmet has two pairs of pads, this helps the helmet sit well on your head. It makes sure you get the best-fitted helmet which thus ensures you get the best protection while riding. It is ideal for anyone with a BMX bike and is over 14 years of age. It is a very comfortable helmet. It is sturdy, durable and long-lasting, it can stand an intense or rough environment.

  • It comes in multiple colours
  • It is CPSC certified and approved
  • It is safe and secure
  • It is durable and longlasting
  • It has 10 vents for proper cooling and ventilation
  • It decreases sweating,
  • The properties of this helmet prevent itching and irritation
  • It can be adjusted to fit
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  1. Yellow Jacket BMX Helmet

The Yellow Jacket helmet comes in a variety of colours like white, black and of course yellow. It is well certified by safety organizations such as ASTM and CPSC. This BMX helmet has a strong resistance which helps minimize the impact of crashes and collisions.

arteesol Kids Helmet,Toddlers Skate Helmet for Age 3-13 Boys Girls, CE Certified Adjustable Bike Helmet for Cycling Skateboarding Scooter Roller Skate

The helmet also has a soft inner lining that absorbs sweat, allow for better fitting and gives you the confidence you need when riding. The helmet has a good aerodynamic design that allows proper in-air flow while riding. When the right in-air flow gets in, you can ride faster, and also get enough ventilation. It comes with adjustable straps that help to get the best fit.

  • It is well certified by safety organizations such as CPSC and ASTM
  • It has an adjustable strap for better fitting
  • It has a good aerodynamic design
  • It comes in multiple colours in which you can pick from
  • It is not as durable
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  1. JBM BMX Helmet

JBM helmets are very suitable for BMX biking. It serves as an all-purpose helmet, it can be used in many sports. The helmet comes in different colours such as black, silver, yellow, white, pink, red and blue. You can buy any one of the colours as you so desire.

JBM Skate Helmet Safety Protection for Multi-Sports Skateboarding Scooter Roller Skate Inline Skating Two Wheel Electric Board Cycling Bicycle Mountain Biking Road Bike BMX MTB Road Bike and Other Sports [Impact Resistance]

The helmet has a strong impact resistance to ensure protection while riding. The material used is hard and durable, which ensures the helmet stands the test of time and can readily protect. Multiple ventilation is also available to allow heat to escape properly during vigorous riding moments. The aerodynamic shape of the helmet makes it easier to ride swiftly, it improves speed. This is one of the best BMX helmets.

  • It has multiple vents for better airflow and ventilation
  • It has an aerodynamic design
  • It has strong resistance against crashes
  • It is made of a durable PVC material
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  1. S1 lifer BMX helmet

The S1 life helmet comes in a wide variety of sizes, in which you can choose from. It also comes in varying colours such as red, black, gray, dark green etc. It also comes in either gloss or matte.

S1 Lifer Helmet - Black with Cyan Strap (Medium 21.5

The S1 lifer BMX helmet is a well-designed EPS foam-padded helmet for superb riding comfort. It is approved by safety organizations such as CPSC and ASTM. It has a good customers rating and a great sellers rank. This is definitely one of the best BMX helmets in the market.

  • It comes in different sizes
  • It has multiple colour options
  • It has an EPS fusion foam for comfort
  • It is well certified based on safety standards
  • It does not come with sizing liners
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Riding a BMX bike can be a good form of exercise. It’s a great recreational or sporting activity you can engage in. You can have a good view of your environment, have fun with family and friends and keep fit. It can, however, be a very adventurous sport in which proper care needs to be taken. You need to protect yourself from impending danger, damage, crash and collision. effective BMX helmet today. This can only be made possible with the best BMX helmet.

There is a range of helmets out there but not buying the right one will cause uneasiness and you are not assured of being well protected. It is important that you ensure that the helmet suits you otherwise the safety purposes are made redundant when riding. This write-up has tried to do justice to providing you with the right information you need to guide you in buying the best BMX helmet. Make a purchase today, keep yourself safe and enjoy your BMX ride.