Best Budget MTB Helmet

Protecting your head during biking is something very important and should not be negotiated. The human head is by no doubt a sensitive part of the body in the tumbling world of mountain biking, in which crashes can be seen as a frequent occurrence.

These reasons and more are why it is very essential to purchase the best budget mtb helmet that will suit your purpose conveniently so as to stay safe and comfortable.

Do you have your helmet budget stretch out already? Don’t be tempted to skimp on having a helmet, but you can always skip the carbon fiber consideration a bit instead. It is very evident that mountain bike helmet prices are scaling up, but getting a cheap helmet with all features involved is better.

Best Budget MTB Helmet 2021

This is sole because mountain biking may involve hurtling and dodging from different types of obstacles, which may involve trees or rocks. Or this reason, getting the best type of Mtb helmet you can bank on is very important and feels like a fair investment.

Helmet makers are always on the trend of technology, thereby meeting up with the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) improvement so as to aid in great chances of reducing serious injury during riding.

Mountain biking is absolutely not too cheap, but while shopping to get the best type of helmet, you can always get yourself the most recent and best type of Mtb helmet at a cheap price.

Most especially, when shopping for a new Mtb helmet, you should take into consideration that the proposed Mtb helmet must provide more skull covering than other road cycling types, and almost all types of helmets do come with visors to help keep sun rays in check. 

Best Budget MTB Helmet – 2021 Quick Review

Below are our top mountain bike helmets of 2021;

  1. Bell 4Forty MIPS Helmet

Strong helmets such as the 4forty model are mainly made with an in-mold polycarbonate shell. This is not only responsible for the helmet’s strongness, but also helps put the EPS foam liner safe and in check. 

Mips protection is also involved which is built to help limit the flow of rotational forces in case a crash occurs. Attached to the rear of the lid is the retention cradle which can be adjusted by an indexed thumb wheel and also involve up to 4 positions of vertical adjustment.

BELL Unisex's 4Forty MIPS MTB Helmet, Cliff-Hanger Matte/Gloss Grey/Crimson, Small/52-56 cm

Also, there is a port that serves as the sweat guide which helps to channel sweat from the rider’s brow especially when it’s on the verge of dropping.

In total, there are about 15 vents, and also has internal channeling between them. Ventilation with this type of helmet just git better and awesome. Say farewell to sweaty foreheads.

  • Comfortability is this helmet’s watchword as it has great features that make it easy to wear and fit perfectly, with an easy-adjust strap. 
  • Air vents present are awesomely placed and allow for better airflow as against other types of helmets. 
  • The indexed visor can be adjusted
  • Affordable helmet just got listed, as this helmet is the criteria for others helmet definition of affordability.
  • For goggle parking, the peak adjusts to a high level.
  • Sometimes, it runs quite hot.
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  1. Giro Tyrant Helmet

Quirky look helmet with many safety features and protection are some of the great features of the Giro Tyrant helmet which makes it outstanding. 

Compared to other types of regular open-face lids helmets, it provides more coverage and does not get sweaty over as there are many vents attached to it for more airflow access. 

Giro Tyrant MIPS Dirt Mountain Bike Helmet - Matt Stealth, Small/Unisex MTB Bicycle Cycling Cycle Adult Safe Ride Headwear Guard Head Skull Protection Trail Enduro Jump Biking Safety Riding Wear

The shape is identical to that of the Switchblade helmet model, but here, there is minimal padding with great inner channeling across the top of the head. 

The helmet is not really light, with a weight of 622g but its efficiency to compensate for its weight is very excellent especially when it sits on the rider’s head. Even though it does not really feel like a head-hugging type, but it is more secure than expected.

  • The lid profers an extensive coverage which most riders find lovely.
  • It is very comfortable with so many vents that makes air circulation easy.
  • Many people find this shape and spec of the helmet fascinating.
  • The weight is minimal and balances well on the rider’s head.
  • Very similar to most types of convertible helmets, also with a lot of coverage. 
  • In some cases, it gets to be very hot, though if you wish to eradicate this, external features can be purchased to eradicate this. 
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  1. Scott Stego MIPS Helmet

From the name background, it is evident that the Scott Stego Helmet is equipped with MIPS that is high tech.

If you wish to rest assured in terms of comfort and safety, then your choice is the Scott Stego Helmet. Even though MIPS adds about 15-20g to the helmet, even at that, the helmet still has a considerable weight. 

Scott Stego Plus MTB Bicycle Helmet Green 2021 Size: S (51-55 cm)


Large yellow holes found on the MIPS liner mean there is a free flow of air at the front, side, and also the rear vent side. In case you get sweaty, it had minimal padding which helps make sure there is little or no sogginess. The shape is beautifully made to fit perfectly too for a secure and supportive fit. 

It has small head gripper parts which are better than other types of lids with no fabric smell as though it is rancid milk.

  • It features the improved MIPS protection technology which is a plus for many helmets as it keeps you safe than ever.
  • Great Comfortability and protection are offered by the Scott Stego Helmet
  • Ventilation ducts are much, help to eradicate heat build-up and increase ventilation.
  • The inner part of the helmet is fully molded, which makes it so suitable for a rough ride.
  • The wide styling might be a turn off for some persons. 
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  1. Fox DropFrame Helmet

Another example of a new school open-faced helmet just git added to the list. Like the Giro Tyrant helmet, it has extra coverage trail kids which makes it look like a full-face helmet with just the chin bar feature absent.

Apart from being attractive, it also offers added protection which does not feature MIPS but just a dual-density EPS and handles impact easily. 


FOX Dropframe Pro MIPS MTB Elevated Mountain Bike Helmet Day Glo Yellow Large

There are also two different pad thickness which is tailored to fit the rider so well.

Airflow across the head is easy and can just disturb your hearing for a while, but you will surely get used to it.

Even though it is made in different sizes and form, trying the helmet on before buying is very essential.

  • Possess full head extra coverage 
  • The venting system is excellent, farewell to sweaty foreheads as you will be no longer worried about airflow.
  • The weight is reasonable and balances so well on the head considering the coverage it offers
  • Maximum protection with the EPS shells technology even with the absence of a MIPS.


  • It does not feature an adjustable retention cradle. 
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  1. Giro Fixture MIPS Helmet

Checking through the GIRO Helmet, it is obvious that it is awesomely made with protection in mind because it is heavily protected by MIPS.

It looks so brilliant, stylish, and all-around well vented, makes it a great choice for most riders as they can enjoy long-distance journeys easily.


Giro Men's Fixture Mips Helmet, Matte Trim Red, 54/62

Even over rough terrain journeys, they stay put and fit with little or no shakings, so it can never fall off.  Attached to the helmet is an adjustable fit system which is only one size and fit all design which ranges between 54- 61cm.

The visors are fixed with a great range of vision also.

  • It is very cheap even with regards to all features it has.
  • There is an adjustable system, which makes it a perfect helmet for all types of heads.
  • Protection is made possible via the MIPS 
  • It is a stylish type of helmet 
  • The visor is fixed
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Mountain Bike Helmet Buying Advice

Should in case you are confused as regards the type of helmet to buy for your purpose, this section will help address your questions.

Weight of Helmet

Helmets that provide you with less weight will make you appreciate the beauty of long rides, but you are charged for the barely-there feeling. 

Compatibility and comfort

Helmets to be bought should be able to work with sunglasses or goggles. Although the helmet compatibility always varies with different types of models. Purchasing your own glasses after getting a helmet should.


Padding the helmet along the interior part of the helmet makes it more comfortable than others not padded. But in some cases, helmets that are added might tend to be a little bit higher than others, which is because the pads are always in multiple sizes which are all tailored to making the Helmet both fit and comfortable. Also, sweat absorption is effective with some type of lining pad, but that is more cost.  Lastly, some helmets inner mining can be removable, but washing through a washing machine or mild hand wash is recommended so as to avoid material breakdown. 


not mincing words, the style of the helmet is very important even though it is subjective, such as the color of the helmet. 


since a lot of persons ride in fair weather, a helmet with a lid that is poorly ventilated could ruin your perfect day out or ride. Virtually all types of helmets require ventilation for the rider’s purpose. Just watching the number of vents to determine ventilation is not appropriate though it gives a good start to check for ventilation characteristics of the helmet. The design of the helmet is made of quality characteristics which helo to make sure air is passed from the front part to the rear side of the helmet. Also, this system should invoke a retention system and inner padding in the helmet which have the tendency to interrupt airflow. 

Helmet Fit

The helmet is solely purchased for their fitness in most cases as it is one of the most important factors. Especially, when riding your pedals or grinding against a hill, you wouldn’t want your helmet to flip off making your ride a rough one. Although, most of these helmets are known to be adjustable and versatile also. Even beneath the ear side, there are buckles which can be made in a way to offer great flexibility.  The helmet is made to fit on your head properly without stress. Some helmets also have glove-friendly dual which is usually very small, can be clicked on, and left alone till you finish your ride.

Mountain Bike Helmet Features

Do you wish to get a cheap type of helmet, without compromising all necessary features? This section addresses all features that are necessary to be present in a helmet.

Crash replacement schemes

In the situation you get involved in an accident that might lead to damage of the helmet, most helmet manufacturers deem it fit offer reduced price crash replacement scheme, provided there is proof of an earlier purchase. These schemes can help make sure expensive helmets are subsidized in case of lid replacement due to an accident. 

Micro Shell

The EPS is usually protected by the thing plastic micro-shell, which is usually attached to the EPS while in the manufacturing process, they can be in single or in several pieces.


The EPS is usually placed at the core part of the helmet which is easily moldable and works just like the crumpled part of a car.


The MIPS called the multi-directional impact protection system which serves as an inner lining that is moveable. When your head hits the ground in terms of unfavorable conditions, the MIPS slides so as to reduce the impact force and likeness of brain injury. 


The thickness and density of the pad is very important in checking for its effect on sweat absorption, comfort, and also cooling. In case a helmet has very thick linen, it tends to lead to a hotter condition for the head but definitely not like having sweat roll down your neck, as the best is very comfortable to use with channels to help increase airflow and also increase drying rate.


Best Mtb helmets are not necessarily expensive. This write up gives a perfect clue to the best budget mtb helmet which caters for your protection as expected with consideration to stylishness.