Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

A maximum form of protection should always be implored every time you get your bike on the streets. Motorcycle gears attached help make sure you are protected against obstacles that may make you uncomfortable. The fact is that regardless if you are touring, or riding on the highway, safety should be paramount.

Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet 2021

In addition, since motorbikes are not always equipped with seat belts as found in cars, carbon fiber helmets are made as to the panacea to great safety precautions.

Bell Custom 500 Helmet

Carbon fiber helmets are not only strong, but they are also sturdy and enable you are kept safe even in unfavorable conditions. Even with their great protection, they are still light, not heavy at all. You are really fortunate to use this type of helmet as they provide you with added security and also relieve your head of too much weight.

For these key features, they mostly regarded as biker’s favorite helmets in the biking community. In case of a long or short journey, considering using a carbon fiber type of helmet is your best bet. Long road trips or a simple ride to work, do not forget to get your trusted carbon fiber helmet along.

Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet – 2021 Quick Review

If you are looking for the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet to keep you safe while on the road, this is the place to be. We have compiled a list of not one but five of the best lids in the market for you.

  1. Bell Bullitt Carbon Fiber Fill Face Helmet

This type of helmet is the very first type of helmet on the list as it is an inspiration from the bell star helmet. It features a vintage design, equipped with the modern leather interior and attributes, taking also into consideration DOT regulations. Riders are provided with a retro helmet type such makes them safe for use.

Bell Helmets 7062242 Street 2015 Bullitt Carbon Adult Helmet, RSD Bagger, Medium



  • The interior part is made of modern quality leather material that can be removed, washed, and is also antibacterial.
  • The shell is made of 3k carbon fiber which is very strong and makes city riding very easy. Also, it is available in different sizes
  • The shield attached to the helmet is a clear bubble shield which helps make the helmet safe for us.
  • Added to the helmet is a multi-density EPS liner
  • DOT and ECE certification are the two certified characteristics of the Bell Bullitt helmet.
  • The price of this helmet makes it a set back for most riders as some might not afford it, but features attached to this type of helmet makes it worth its cost. Especially, if you are a retro fan, you just got another carbon fiber helmet to try.
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  1. EXO-ST1400 Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

The EXO ST1400 carbon helmets give you a perfect description of a full-faced helmet model in just one helmet. The amazing feature that is overwhelming is the fact that the helmet is with a carbon fiber shell. Apart from its finesse, it is also very strong and durable.

Scorpion EXO 1400 AIR CARBON Solid Motorcycle Helmet, Black, Size L

The ventilation system is not forfeited also as there are two large intake vents found on and on top of the chin bar.


The material component of the helmet is responsible for its lightness, also it is saddled with great fit shake and sizes. Internal features such as visors and sunshades are also present.

  • Vision at night and afternoon just got easier with the visor and sunshade system of the helmet. Features such as the speaker and intercom make it is a wonderful setup as they have cutouts in the speaker’s EPS lining.
  • The material component used in building the helmet is responsible for its lightness. Also, it has a super light and aerodynamic lid.
  • The helmet is surely certified by DOT and ECE
  • Some of the visors might be of lesser quality materials. You can however buy them in case of necessity.
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  1. AGV Sportmodular Carbon Fiber Helmet

AGV sport modular carbon fiber helmet has a very concise design with its fitted intermediate lid.

The lightweight of the helmet makes it fascinating to a lot of riders as it is made purely from carbon fiber even the chin bar is also made from carbon fiber. When stationary, the black, and gray design help create a form of a motion illusion. This gives an amazing view while riding for long distances especially.



In the city scene, the helmet is excellent for touring and long-distance rides. It is a modular type of helmet that provides you with an opportunity to communicate with other riders without even taking off the helmet, also enjoy the full protection of a full-face helmet, and also the liberty of a half-faced helmet.

  • It is lightweight with a featherweight construct as the lid is lighter than the Pista GP R.
  • In case the rider experience any inconveniences, the rear spoiler help smoothen out all inconveniences.
  • Noise reduction is very effective using this good helmet so you can ride out with no distractions.
  • The chin bar might be difficult to lock with just one hand or switching positions while riding.
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  1. TORC T1 Retro Carbon Fiber Helmet

If you sort for a budget-friendly helmet, the torc retro should be your go-to. It is made beautifully with a fiberglass construction system which is responsible for being budget-friendly and also strong. You tend to enjoy almost all features from a full-faced helmet from the Torc helmet with ease and cheaper than others. It is really recommended.


TORC T-1 Retro Full Face Helmet Vintage Glossy Black Gloss Black Approved ECE DOT Biker Motorcycle Size M

A narrow chin bar is attached to the helmet which makes the rider’s to be entitled to have a bite or swig without having to remove the helmet. Most time, it is made to fit your head perfectly. Also, sizes and lids might run bigger than other types of carbon fiber helmets.

The visors equipped with the helmet is excellent, gives a wider field view. Cooler vents attached also does a great job in making sure hot air is moved from the helmet.

  • All material constituents of the helmet are made of the best quality which is also responsible for the lightness of the helmet, and awesome for even long journey rides.
  • As expected, they come in various shapes and types, all aimed to make sure they fit perfectly and comfortable for most people.
  • It come in multiple colors which are always riders joy as they get to style themselves up.
  • The visor attached gives a platform for wide range of vision
  • Bothered about the price? The torc helmet has shown great characteristics of being very affordable and fits almost every one’s budget perfectly.
  • The helmet has an interior that is difficult to wash and remove.
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Advantages of Carbon Fiber Helmets


Due to their durability and material makeup which contributes to their lightness, it is mostly considered the safest helmet any biker can purchase. The material used in making the carbon fiber helmets are also used for making air crafts, vehicle and other sporting equipment which makes riders understand their durable and lightweight.


The carbon fiber helmet type is made with an aerodynamic design which helps make sure you look awesome while riding. Also, all dreaded mushroom heads are prevented as they look sport sleek.

DOT certified

Almost all types of carbon fiber motorcycle helmets meet up and even exceed all safety precautions set by the Department of Transportation. So you should rest assured that your head will be protected in case of emergencies. This depicts that you need to worry about is enjoying your ride.

Types of Carbon Fiber Helmets Include

Full Face Helmet

The full-faced helmet makes sure your head protection is guaranteed with chin and face inclusive. Also, it shields you against sun, wind, noise, and also harsh weather conditions like random bugs or little stones that may come your way during riding. The face shield attached to the full-faced carbon fiber helmet help make sure you remain anonymous which helps you maintain a high keel of privacy while riding. Also, with this type of helmet being full-faced, goggle is not needed as your helmet is equipped with a nice visor to help protect your eyes. The helmet is insulated in such a way that it provides you with comfort from a long-distance journey.

Open-Faced Helmet

Opened-faced helmets are always regarded as ¾ helmets though they offer lesser protection qualities as against the full-face motorcycle helmets. But they provide uninterrupted ventilation when makes you feel very comfortable and not feel stifling at all. This helps make sure the chance for free airflow around your face is increased and help you feel relaxed during hot days. Also, an open-faced carbon fiber helmet makes hearing and vision easy, unlike the full-faced motorcycle helmet which might have reduced hearing quality or visor in some cases. In addition, their field of vision is with less blindspot and lighter than the full-faced helmet type.

Half helmet

These are synonymous with the open face type of helmet because they offer better airflow to your chin and cheek area. In most cases, they are not always equipped with chin bars which are features that make helmets heavy, however with all these features absent, the half helmet type is very light and normally you would need to put on glasses or goggles while some other helmet brands have inbuilt visors. In this type of helmet, it is evident they don’t really provide maximum protection when compared with a full-face helmet. Therefore, half helmets that are certified should therefore be checked out so as to be on a safer side.

Modular helmet

This is also called the flip-up type of helmet which is a hybrid of both open face helmet and a full-face helmet. In most cases, they are always equipped with visors, which help make sure your face and eyes are protected dutifully and can be flipped up easily when it is needed. Some other types of modular helmets are equipped with another inner visor which aid in extra ultraviolet protection. They are very versatile, can be changed to an open or full-face helmet. But when changed to a full-faced helmet, it tends to be heavier than other full-face counterparts as a result of another hinge weight added to it.

Carbon Fiber Helmet Pricing

Under $100

You should exhibit great caution while purchasing racing helmets said to be made from carbon fiber as they might be only be painted with carbon fiber colors, or made from ABS, EPS linings, or fiberglass. However, check through to get the real deal.

Under $100-$1700

Technically quality carbon helmet will cost a little but the fact is the helmet is more like you are investing in your safety, so as to have an insured life. So it worth purchasing.

Features to Look Out For


When you set to get your best carbon fiber helmet, one made from genuine carbon fiber should be selected as there might be a lot of mock-up online that may claim to be made from anti-scratch carbon fiber material but in reality, they may just be colored with carbon fiber spectrum or manufactured from ABS instead, this may lead to lack of trust or purchasing the wrong type of helmet. Therefore purchasing helmets from a regulated or verified store is very important, both online and offline.


You should consider if ventilation is your priority while using a helmet, however, if it is, using an open face helmet will be excellent, and if not, using a full-face helmet is the best. You can also try to check for a helmet with a removable inner lining padding so you can wash and protect the helmet from bacteria infection.

Size and Fit

Definitely wearing an oversized helmet will do no good as no matter how expensive or good looking it may look, being oversized makes it useless as your safety isn’t guaranteed. Therefore, using measurement chat to check for head shapes and also the shell sizes is however very important so as to make sure you can still have your helmet on as long as you want.


While wondering what type of carbon fiber helmet will fit you best, our team of researchers has deemed it fit to serve you this great read so as to guide you through.