Best Flip Up Helmet

Helmets are of different types and sizes, shapes, and even their prices. But a function to keep in mind while getting any type of helmet your safety and protection which is very important. Your head and face should be fully protected should an accident or an impact crash occurs, which is part of the reasons why helmets must be durable, secure, comfortable, and perhaps if possible, lightweight so as to help reduce neck pain. 


Best Flip Up Helmet 2021

A modular helmet is always fully face formed to shape and always have hinges to help open the helmet and also can be converted to an open face helmet. This type of helmet can also be termed as the flip-up helmet as it can be flipped up easily by just a single touch.

Having this type of helmet is very amazing and you will look awesome. Here is a compilation of the best type of flip over helmet.

Best Flip Up Helmet – Quick Review


  1. Speed and Strength SS1710 Flip-Up Helmet

Are you willing for an affordable option of a helmet that comprises of bother strength and speed? Opting in for the Speed and Strength SS1720 helmet model should be your go-to. They are well known to be attractive and designed to give you comfort, and also their comfortable designs are top-notch. 

Checking through their prices and comparing with other types of flip helmet, it is very cheap and claimed to be of a very reasonable price

Are you worried about your helmet being verified? Worry less, this type of helmet gives you a good rest of mind as it is certified and approved by DOT of the US, as it has been tested to offer great protection which is attributed to its thermo ploy shell. 

AWE® AWESpeed™ FREE 5 YEAR CRASH REPLACEMENT* In Mould Adult Mens Road Racing Cycling Helmet 58-61cm Black Green Carbon


Do you wish for comfort? Look no further as you just got to your bus stop of helmet selection. This helmet gives you great comfort that you nearly forget you have something in your head. The shell consists of a pad that is removable and makes it a helmet that is washable. Even the interior part of the shell is awesomely made to be able to make it cleaned up near so well and comfortable together with its moisture-wicking material. 

The ventilation system of the helmet is excellent and has so many vents for minimum and maximum air inflow. It also an advanced ventilation system which is part of what makes the helmet one of the best types of helmet you can wish for. 

The face shield attached to the helmet is broad which gives a wider and better range of vision and also a visor is also attached to it which is anti-fog. The chin bar has a slick single action release which makes it easy to remove the helmet at will or during emergencies. 

Have you been considering a helmet that will compensate for the price and value it will provide? Looking elsewhere might be detrimental, so checking out this helmet for its price per value ratio is the best you can ever think of. It has an excellent value for its price even when compared with other premium helmets available. 

  • Just like other types of flip type of helmet, it is made flippable just like with a single touch on the helmet.
  • The cleanliness of the helmet has been made easier because its inner pad is removable and can be washed at your convenience.
  • Vision with this type of helmet is very convenient and has a wide range of views.
  • From its name, it can be deduced that the helmet is strong and durable. 
  • It tends to become heavy while riding. 
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  1. HJC IS-MAX 2 flip helmet

This helmet is termed as one of the best flip modular design and more like it presents the company’s expertise. This is one of the best helmet products produced by the HJC company. The material component of the helmet shell is amazing as it is made up of polycarbonate which helps keep the weight down and light.  


HJC - IS-MAX 2 Motorcycle Helmet Cormi MC1 Red M

Do you prefer riding at noon? Are you scared of Ultraviolet rays during the ride? This helmet is saddled with a sun visor and a pin lock face shield which is dropped down, and aid your vision process. It protects your face from the harsh radiation of the sun, keeping off about 95 percent UV radiation. 

Ventilation is also not compromised in HJC IS-MAX 2 flip helmet with plenty of intake and exhaust vent for good air inflow. Riding through with the helmet tends to be very comfortable also.

  • The pad and strap the helmet is made up of is removable and makes it very easy to clean and set up on a goal.
  • The vents are found in the front and rear part of the helmet. The sun visor is also very well dey up with up to three settings to help make it adapt to various head shapes of its users.
  • The shell of the helmet is made up of polycarbonate which makes it very durable and strong for use. 
  • The price of the helmet is very expensive, but its value compensates for its price.
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  1. Shoei Neotec II flip helmet

This type of helmet is a revised version from the brand and its shell properties are very excellent which makes it very stable and aerodynamic even during riding or touring. Even with all, its features it is very light during riding but kind of heavy before riding. 

Noise removal is a good characteristic of the Shoei helmet, it is padded with linen which is removable and also washable. It is adjustable and has a vent for convenient air inflow. In the case of excess air inflow, it has a large exhaust vent which helps in air removal.


Shoei Neotec 2 Splicer Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet M Black Silver (TC-5)

Face shield attached to the helmet blocks more than 98 percent of ultraviolet rays, together with the sun visor. It also provides a wide range of view which aids in riding.

The visor mechanism also has a very comfortable feel just like most types of helmets.

Do you wish to keep riding and also enjoying the features of the helmet? It is very possible with this type of helmet as you can control.most of the features with just one hand touch from the rider, without compromising your ride.

A very cool feature of the Shoei helmet is that it can fit various types of head sizes as it has three shell sizes which help make it a perfect fit for virtually everybody. 

  • Its versatility is amazing as it can fit any head type and sizes conveniently.
  • The material composition of the helmet is amazing and the strongness gotten from the material component makes the helmet shell very safe for use.
  • Certified and recommended by DOT.
  • It can be built easily with its quality not compromised. 
  • It is an expensive type of helmet
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  1. SCHUBERTH C4 Flip Helmet

The SCHUBERTH C4 gives the best flip helmet you can ever dream of. Their noise cancellation game is excellent, even while riding. It is not really much in the market because has a whole lot of features which set it apart as one of the best types of the helmet in the market. 

Thinking if this type of amazing helmet is certified by DOT and ECE? It is good news then that this helmet is certified by both bodies because added to their special features, they are also excellent for safety purposes. These great features make it above all competition and generalized by every rider as the best helmet even though it is low in supply. 



Schuberth C4 Pro Magnitudo Flip-Up Helmet

The shell material keeps the rider going for a long period of time as it is very comfortable during riding, and you are also kept from being tired. The material filament fiber is excellent and also washable which helps to make the helmet clean and cool. after use by removing bacteria residue as a result of long helmet usage.

The ventilation component is amazing as there is free air inflow which can be regulated also at will and keep you cool. during hit summer days. The sun visor attached to the helmet can be activated by just a single touch. 

  • The shell is made excellently with strong fibers which make it part of its hard characteristics.
  • The ventilation pattern is excellent in this type of helmet. No more hotness. Excess airflow can be removed off easily.
  • It is removable and washable. No more bacteria-infected the helmet. Helmets can now be bacteria-free. 
  • It cannot be found easily in stock, it is generally scarce.
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  1. AGV SportModular Carbon Flip Up Helmet

AGV SportModular Carbon helmet is made from carbon fiber which makes the shell both light and strong to use. The helmet shell does weigh around 3.2 pounds, which makes it very easy to be carried on your neck without getting any strain. 

The helmet brand is greatly certified and recommended by DOT and ECE with great ratings. 



The helmet is saddled with so many great features such as the visor and so many others. The helmet is kept stable with the chin belt, even at high speeds, it gives a stable form. 

 The ventilation system of the helmet is very excellent with proper vents for inflow and air outflow. Coupled with the ventilation part, there are some padded parts of the shell that are also removable and can be washed easily at all times. This keeps the helmet clean and comfortable at the same time with ease. 

The brand of this great helmet has done really great job in making the helmet noise cancellation strategy excellent. The helmet does remain calm and quiet even while riding on the road. 

  • It has a great noise cancellation strategy and if you wish for a quiet type of helmet, this type of helmet should be your go-to.
  • Strong and durable is a great characteristic of the helmet and you can be sure of safety while touring. It is also certified by DOT and ECE.
  • The visor part which is on the helmet does amazing work with its wide range of vision while riding.
  • It is expensive and the value is generally said to compensate for its price.
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  1. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Flip Helmet

The Scorpion EXO-AT950 has great features and found in the market easily. It has so many functions and is generalized as a versatile helmet with great designs. It is used for many purposes, and is a dual-sport modular type of helmet, also can be equipped for almost style of riding. 


ScorpionExo EXO-At950 Unisex-Adult Flip-Up-Style Battleflage Helmet (Sand, X-Small)

If you are the type that likes riding on a variety of surfaces, then having this great type of helmet is your best bet. Its characteristic features include a polycarbonate shell which is responsible for its strength and strongness, the vents of the ventilator can be regulated even with high air inflow. Which means you don’t need to worry about hot conditions. 

  • The EXO-AT950 helmet shell is very strong with carbon fibers
  • The ventilation vents are regulated with both intake and exhaust vent available.
  • Sun visor makes the helmet very nice for use at any point in time and weather.
  • The face shield is anti-scratch and has a wide range of views.
  • The model of the helmet is expensive.
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From the above write up it can be justified that flip-up helmets are modular helmets. They also proffer the same safety a full-faced helmet provides with their versatility. They can be generally termed as a very good helmet 

A flip-up helmet is a type of modular helmet, the list above gives you a reliable guide to the type of helmet that fits your purpose, and are also inexpensive.