Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

One main feature that makes it possible to link up with other riders over the intercom while talking through the phone without having to stop by the roadside is the motorcycle Bluetooth headset. This is perhaps one of the best reasons why it is necessary to have a motorcycle headset.

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset 2021

However, having a Bluetooth motorcycle headset attached to your helmet makes it not necessary for you to take it off, also you can easily call through anyone in case of emergencies or accidents, and it won’t make you distracted while riding on the road at all. 

There is great comfort attached to riding and having the ability to communicate. It has one kind of soothing effect sincerely. This has been greatly enhanced by motorcycle Bluetooth headsets which has been a very good feature attached to a motorcycle, that most motorcycle however attaches it as part of their feature while purchasing a motorcycle. 

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Also, these Bluetooth devices do come with intercom services which makes it possible for you to connect to your set of motorcycle riders, also with GPS command prompts. 

This has been greatly accepted as it is a great feature to reckon with. 

If you have been thinking of buying a Bluetooth headset for your motorcycle, you should take into cognizance that paying for the brand is definitely not a cool thing, rather get the type that fits and caters to your purpose. 

A lot of technological advancement has been made hovering around the motorcycle industry, all to make riding very comfortable and interesting. Part of these technological advancements is the Bluetooth communicator attached to helmets, and also connecting many riders together. Riders that have been willing to experience the smart power of riding now have it at their disposal as the Bluetooth device is more like having a smartphone in your helmet, however providing the rider with so many tools. 

Have you checked or seen the recent Bluetooth comm units, they generally fit so well and allows riders to converse with each other, even while riding. What a great feature!. You can always hear navigation directions, have a whole lot of time to listen to music, record your eventful rides, or even use voice assistants. All these are possible just with the use of a Bluetooth headset, amazing I must say. 

However, it might be technical, knowing which type of Bluetooth device to choose as it varies in their range, and you can definitely choose the one that fits your communication range. So, to know which fits so well, then going through this information provided will serve as a great guide for you. 

Below are some of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset for 2021.

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth 2020- Quick Review

  1. Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset 

The Sena 30k Bluetooth headset is new and more like coming to dominate the Bluetooth headset industry as it is making so many differences. In fact, it can be said as more than being a Bluetooth headset, but also an adaptive mesh communicator. The CEO once said, “it is the future of wireless communication”. Isn’t that great? 

Have you gone on a group tour or ride? Then if your answer, then you must have experienced how difficult it is to communicate while riding in a group without any means of communication rather than yelling. Most especially if there are vehicles on the road, moving. This makes it difficult to ride with your pals.

But with the invention of the Sena 30k motorcycle Bluetooth headset, you will. for sure not miss a single thing out.


Sena 30K-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System with Mesh Intercom

Ceteris paribus, when someone falls outside the Bluetooth range and misses the join, it becomes very hard to rejoin. But with recent technology mad this model of Bluetooth headset, it has become so easy for you to rejoin your clique. 

Generally, the Sena 30k Bluetooth model can be connected to a group very easily and works very well on the mesh intercom technology which is so great and about 2.4GHz frequency which helps to keep all the rider group in flawless connection. If perhaps a rider gets off by chance, the Sena 30k will search for the other rider actively. 

The SENA 30K has a major selling point which is the fact that it was equipped with so many features that help cater to the motorcycle instructors. Apart from setting up a private network, you can also create a public network with just a press of a button. The intercom mode is also very cool and has the ability to support up to 16 riders at a time, this is by far more than necessary flexibility that’s needed for both motorcycle clubs and motorcycle schools.

  • It has an ability to accommodate up to 16 riders at a time and also at a range of up to 5 miles. 
  • Very ideal for clubs and also motorcycle instructors as it enables a large number of riders to communicate from the group communication feature.
  • User-friendly is a watchword from this brand and it gives us a BlueTooth device that is easy to use and eradicate all strain involved in creating standard motorcycle communication networks.
  • Audio multitasking is o much possible with this device as you can switch around music, FM radio, and GPS too at will. 
  • Most of the time, the Bluetooth headset uses a battery network, and in that fate, the battery does get run out in some cases which is due to the fact that it has so many features included in its composition.
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  1. Cardo Freecom 4 Plus 

One of the best things about the cardo freecom is that it is the most user-friendly type of Bluetooth motorcycle headset with its innovative control wheel which makes it easy for you to flip between different modes at will. Isn’t that cool?

Apart from this, in case your hands get busy on the bike, you can use a voice-recognition system to operate the device instead. You can use either Google or Siri as your personal assistant. Also, the cardo headset has its own personal voice assistant app that is very easy to use. 


Cardo FRC4P001 FREECOM 4 PLUS-4-Way Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System with Natural Voice Operation, Sound by JBL, Black, Single Pack

The speakers are very excellent, the bass is very cool, listening to music with the great bass makes you want to shake your head in resonance to music. The sound quality is just very cool.

Furthermore, the headset can last for so many minutes also, the battery of the headset has the ability to run more than 13 hour time with ease.

Also, the cardo Bluetooth headset makes it possible for noise to be reduced easily. It has the ability to adjust the volume automatically in case of the presence of ambient noise. 

  • The Control system is very effective and you can switch amongst various types of modes with just a finger flick. 
  • Hey cardio, Ok Google and Siri are part of the voice recognition system that helps to be able to control the freecom 4 easily. Voice recognition is everything. 
  • Apart from the speaker being excellent, it also has an automatic sound adjustment system which makes it easy to reduce noise. 
  • It has a wide range of up to 2.4 miles away which gives up to double the normal range of a Bluetooth headset. 
  • It does not support the cardo DMC feature. 
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  1. Lexin LX-B4FM

In case you wish for a budget-friendly Bluetooth headset, you simply can’t afford much at the moment for a high-end motorcycle headset, the Lexin Bluetooth headset is your best bet as it is much less expensive when compared with other types of helmet. The Bluetooth 3 chip found in the helmet is already replaced by another advanced model of the Bluetooth chip which caters to efficient connectivity, and also reliability especially between rider to passenger communications.


LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Motorbike Intercom with FM Radio, Helmet Bluetooth Headset Communication With Noise Cancellation Up to 4 Riders, Universal Off-road/Motorcycle/Snowmobile Wireless Interphone.

As a norm in some of the types of headset found in stock, it also possesses voice assistant level which includes Apple Siri, and even it is the first type of helmet to utilize the Samsung voice assistant technology advancement. Therefore, while getting your hands busy driving, you can also have your voice controlling the Bluetooth headset and communicate easily with other riders effectively.

Working through its speaker system, The Lexin headset has been customized as the best speaker system with great sound. Apart from having a great bass sound system, it can also provide excellent sound during high-speed rides.

With all these Bluetooth features, it is expected that helmets get heavy, but the reverse is the case for a helmet with the Lexin Bluetooth headset as the headset has a lightweight design that gives contributes to the helmet lightness. 

  • The Lexin Bluetooth headset offers a friendly budget which makes it very affordable to riders as it serves as the main choice for most riders.
  • Working through your smartphone has been very easy as the headset connects with your smartphone conveniently via voice assistants.
  • The battery life of the headset is also fascinating, with just a single charge the headset can use up to 15 hours of standby duties.
  • Just within some minutes, the Bluetooth headset connects perfectly well 
  • A special feature found in this type of helmet is that the Bluetooth headset box comes with two different types of a mic, which is the boom and the full face mic.
  • The Bluetooth headset isn’t configured with Ok Google which is a certain setback in Lexin Bluetooth headset.
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  1. Cardo Packtalk Bold Bluetooth Headset 

The Bluetooth motorcycle headset that is known to be waterproof is the Cardo Packtalk headset.

The headset is waterproof and can survive water immersion with ease, more than that of Bluetooth devices that offer average water resistance. However, this makes the cardo packtalk an excellent choice for most riders that live in the countrysides with wet climates.


Cardo PTB00101 PACKTALK Bold Motorcycle Communication and Entertainment System with Natural Voice Operation, Sound by JBL, Connect 2 to 15 Riders (Dual Pack), Black, Set of 2

Furthermore, the best feature about the cardo packtalk headset is the inbuilt JBL speakers which is the most advanced type of sound system. The JBL technology gives the headset its characteristics better than average sound quality.

Also, coupled with all these features, the headset also supports connectivity with 15 riders at a go. The cardo mantra is that “You will never touch a button again” as it has come to the realization of its button-free feature. This offers riders great comfort while riding.

  • It has voice activation which has been an excellent characteristic in this headset as you don’t have to bother about pressing a button any longer.
  • When submerged in water for more than half an hour or thereabout, it is not affected by water as it blocks all water entrances at all points.
  • Wind noise is no longer a concern as the sound of the headset increases automatically with an increase in wind speed.
  • Voice activation is possible with Google and Siri
  • It offers a wide range of connectivity of up to 1.6 kilometers range, with up to 5 connected riders.
  • Due to the JBL speaker sound system added to the Bluetooth feature, it is found to be very pricy
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I sincerely hope this writeup has helped you understand some reasons why there are a number of the headset in stock by 2021. This will surely serve to prompt so many persons to look up Bluetooth helmet sets, especially those that can be used with their helmets.

However, if you have gone through this writeup, it will serve as a buying guide for you, and am assured that you will find it very easy to navigate getting the best type of headset that fits your purpose perfectly.

Nevertheless, in case you have some questions in your thought, or perhaps you wish to share something with us, dropping it via the comment section will be really appreciated.