Best UK Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Motorcycle helmet cameras are on the increase in the UK. There are a lot of reasons that propel them to do so. Sometimes, recording while you ride can seem fascinating and exciting. You can look back later and live in the moment. 

Best UK Motorcycle Helmet Camera 2021

Most times, these cameras are HD, in fact, you should get an HD camera; hence the need to buy the best motorcycle helmet camera. The best motorcycle helmet camera helps you capture the best moments of your ride. With this helmet camera, you can save memories and share to family, friends and loved ones. 

If you like to go on tours to fun and exciting places, visits museums and love artefacts; then this is for you. It is also effortless to document and keep track of your riding moments with this motorcycle helmet camera. 

More importantly, also, some motorcycle riders use a helmet camera for security purposes; the cameras serve as a watch for clumsy drivers and other hazards on the road. In situations where you are unfortunately involved in an accident or in a heated moment, footages got from your motorcycle helmet camera can stand in as evidence or proof. 

They can also be used for training purposes; to keep up with speed with how fast you can ride as against others. The best motorcycle helmet camera is a perfect tool you should have as your protection kit while riding in the UK. 

As a professional rider or even one who rides for fun, it is a good kit to have. A good motorcycle helmet camera will give you a first-hand view of the thrilling moments. This is an improved technological input in the cycling industry and it is a welcome development. 

A good motorcycle helmet camera can be easily mounted or installed on your motorcycle, this is a criterion you should also consider. There are a lot of producers and manufacturers of the best selling and quality motorcycle helmet cameras. 

In this write-up, I will be showcasing the best motorcycle helmet camera in the UK, these motorcycle helmet cameras are high-quality tools and are definitely worth the price. If you are ready to make a purchase, look through this article, make a choice and enjoy using your motorcycle helmet care while you ride in the UK. 

Components and things that your best motorcycle helmet camera must entail

It is important you understand how a good motorcycle helmet camera should look like, you can also take a deep look at all its components and features. Here are some things to look out for in your motorcycle helmet camera.

A solid body or casing

While riding through the streets on your motorcycle, you may get slight injuries, these may hurt and cause damages to the camera, so getting a camera that is solid enough is the best option. It will be able to fully withstand all, keep you safe and ensure you have a good and enjoyable ride. Now sometimes, some motorcycle helmet cameras may not have a strong casing, that is why you should pay attention to details and choose right. 

It should have good waterproof properties

The weather in the UK is quite unpredictable, It’s a smart thing to make sure your camera is waterproof to a good extent. You would not like to get your helmet to get damaged on your first ride pr any ride at all; as if you don’t get one that is waterproof there is possibility or chance that that will happen.  

A good Wi-Fi

A motorcycle helmet camera with Wi-Fi proficiencies aids proper connectivity. You can also download the footages, videos, shots and moments and then share to loved ones. These footages can also serve as a means of evidence.

A good quality lens with an excellent viewing angle

When you have a helmet camera that has a good lens, you can be rest assured that you will get clear videos and pictures; you would also get an excellent viewing angle to the moments. They will be captured on a wider scale and it will give a first-hand impression.

It should shoot at about 60fps or more

For you to get the best outcome on your footages, get a motorcycle helmet camera that can shoo at about 60fps. With this, you can be assured of clear and very crisp videos or moments. You can even get motorcycle helmet cameras at a higher fps; the higher the better. Usually, the higher fps go at a higher price; however, they are always worth the price. You will definitely get a motorcycle helmet camera within your budget, just ensure it can shoot at about 60fps or more.

It should be Mountable

You definitely need a motorcycle helmet camera that is mountable as this is the best position it can be to capture all the amazing moments. You don’t want a situation where, as you ride along a rough road and you don’t have a helmet camera that is well mounted, you lose touch with the capturing of the moments or in some cases you even lose the cameras. Get a Helmet mount also that is designed to properly fit all sides of the helmet, you could also buy tethers, this can act as a backup and keep the helmet camera in place.

A good battery life

This is a vital criterion, a good battery life means a longer camera time to capture all videos, photos, footages and moments. When recording on high quality, the battery will run out faster than when in standard mode; however, with good battery life, there is going to be a longer period of time to capture all.  

Some motorcycle helmet cameras come with removable batteries so if your motorcycle helmet camera doesn’t come with multiple batteries after purchasing, get yourself a few spare batteries and keep them charged in case you need to make use of them when the one you have runs out. This way you are well covered and your ride can be fully captured.

How durable it is

Durability is a very critical and cogent factor to consider. In buying a motorcycle helmet camera ensure it can stand the test of time and be able to undergo the tension and pressure of your riding routine. If you have one which is already falling below expectation, then you need to get another that will perform excellently. When choosing, ensure you look out for its durability.

Its weight and size

A good motorcycle has a number of technological components however it must not be too large or it may become a threat to the protection of the rider as it impairs balance. It has to be quite light for a better balance or stance. 

Its level of operation

It may seem difficult to operate a helmet-mounted camera manually while you ride your bike, so you need one that is either voice-controlled, remote-controlled or has a one-touch function. It’s also helpful to put in place a system that’s easy to set up so you don’t have to fiddle with it while riding on the streets of the UK.

Proper storage

You would not want to be stranded and be unable to capture all the moments you so desire because of not enough storage. Therefore you need to get a motorcycle helmet camera that has adequate storage to capture all the exciting moments.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera UK 2021 – Quick Review

  1. GoPro Hero8 Motorcycle Helmet Camera

When you think of purchasing the best motorcycle helmet camera, GoPro is definitely the first brand to come to mind. The helmet cameras, designed and produced by GoPro, have been designed to survive all tough situations and conditions you can face while riding.

GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof 4K Digital Action Camera with Hypersmooth Stabilisation, Touch Screen and Voice Control - Live HD Streaming with GoPo Compact Case (Official GoPro Accessory)

This helmet camera is waterproof and runs well even in deep waters. Another nice thing about this helmet camera is its sensor, it has great electronic image stabilization. This ensures that even when you’re riding on rugged terrain, the quality of the video won’t be compromised.

The camera itself shoots in 4k super high quality. Your videos come out crystal clear and stunning. It also has great selfie abilities and a good time-lapse.

  • It produces high-quality videos
  • It ensures improved stability
  • It is lightweight yet extremely tough and durable
  • It has a reduced battery life when shooting in 4k
  • The camera lens of this helmet camera can get easily stained
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  1. Campark X30 Motorcycle Helmet Camera

This waterproof 4 K helmet camera is considered to be one of the best motorcycle helmet cameras. It has a perfect fit. No other contender tops the Campark X30 when it comes to cost-effective 4k cameras. It provides spectacular 4k video, with good image stabilization that does better than some more costly cameras.

Campark X30 4K Action Camera 20MP EIS Anti-Shake Touch Screen Sports Underwater 40m Waterproof Video Cam WiFi Digital Cameras with Two 1350mAh Batteries Mounting Accessories Kits Compatible with gopro

This is a high grade and versatile helmet camera, you can use this camera with your phone via Wi-Fi, just attach your phone to the camera so that it can be operated from your phone. It can be easily mounted; thus with this, you can get the best angles when capturing moments. The camera comes with a lot of extras, including two base helmets to get you off to a fantastic start.

  • It produces high-quality videos
  • Great image stabilization
  • It is completely waterproof
  • It doesn’t have a port for an SD card

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  1. Crosstour ROAM3 Motorcycle Helmet Camera

This helmet camera is designed for outdoor life and high-speed activities. It was built and designed to survive a lot of the intense conditions you would go through as you ride. What’s unique about the Crosstour ROAM3 is that it comes on itself. This is because it has an instant recording feature-all you have to do is to position it properly and ensure it captures it all.

Crosstour CT9900 Action Camera 4K 60FPS Microphone 8X Zoom Ultra HD EIS Touch Screen Waterproof Sports Camcorder With Remote Control/Two Rechargeable Batteries and Accessories Kits

It’s a very flexible camera too. So if you engage in other activities aside riding or something similar to riding, the Crosstour ROAM3 would probably be a fine match for you. However, with this helmet camera, you have got to get it waterproof so that it can last and function in rainy times.

  • It is small and lightweight
  • It captures at a wide camera angle
  • It has an instant-on feature
  • It produces videos and photos with good quality footage
  • It tends to smudge easily
  • you have got to get it waterproof so that it can last and function in rainy times
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  1. Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Helmet Camera

This helmet camera is well designed. It’s very easy and comfortable to use because it’s Bluetooth-enabled. This means that you can listen to music, listen to the GPS, or even listen to your friends chatting while you’re cycling.

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System

This would mean a very exciting ride and when captured on camera, it would be more exciting. Riding a motorcycle requires your full focus, so the fact that this camera is so easy to use is a tremendous help. You don’t have to worry and wrap-around with various keys because the interface has been streamlined for this reason.

  • It is very convenient to use
  • It produces high-quality pictures and videos
  • It is Bluetooth-enabled
  • It has built-in music for your pleasure while riding
  • It is water-resistant
  • It tends to have Bluetooth/microphone challenges
  • It may have camera audio issues
  • If not positioned appropriately, the camera will not mount well
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  1. AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Helmet Camera

This helmet camera is made for people who partake in a lot of outdoor activities, It is such a smart camera to purchase if you have a mountain bike or street bike and you ride in the streets of the UK. This is because it was designed to survive tough conditions. 

AKASO EK7000 4K Sport Action Camera Ultra HD Camcorder 12MP WiFi Waterproof Camera 170 Degree Wide View Angle 2 Inch LCD Screen W/2 Rechargeable Batteries/19 Accessories Kits- Silver

There are also various modes you can put the Akaso remote control helmet camera in, based on what you need at the time. For example, you can quickly switch from video to picture, or from burst to time-lapse with ease. The clarity of the videos is also very standard, as it has an ultra-HD 4 K recording.

It is very crisp and sharp. It is also ideal for giving an incredible view while riding. The AKASO EK7000 is very flexible to use. This camera is operated by using rechargeable batteries, they can provide you up to 90 minutes of recording time. It can also be controlled via remote control, making it suitable for simple use on a motorcycle.

  • It ensures great recording quality
  • You can operate using a remote control
  • You can use rechargeable batteries for a longer and better battery life

It has waterproof properties

  • It can easily get scratched
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Overall, a motorcycle helmet camera is something you should consider buying if you ride a motorcycle on the streets of the UK. A motorcycle helmet camera comes with a lot of benefits and fun for the rider. Make a purchase today of the best motorcycle helmet camera, enjoy your ride and keep safe and well protected.