Best Womens Road Bike Helmet

Safety is definitely not the only thing to look out for in the best road bike helmet, other characteristics to look out for include its light weightiness, well-ventilated helmet structure, comfortability, and also the helmet should be great and a perfect fit.

For women’s sake, we value stylish helmets which are really one of the things that ladies do look out for, as they get attracted to it easily. Also, being low profile helps keep the helmet in check and most sort after.

Best Womens Road Bike Helmet 2021

This reason and more is why this write up is mainly centered on women who find joy in road riding. almost all lids attached to the helmet is made of MIPS safety measures and many extra safety characteristics like the memory foam padding, great retention system, and also sensors attached which will help alert your loved ones in case of crash or any uncertainties.

Best Womens Road Bike Helmet – 2021 Quick Review

Below are some of the Best Women’s Road Bike Helmet

  1. Mavic Echappee Pro Helmet

When choosing a helmet, the Mavic echappee provides you with comprehensive safety, comfort, and even looks. 

The helmet is completely feminine even without the stereotype feminine color – pink or purple. Its appearance is very beautiful to behold with some little dots on the chinstrap area or on the interior padding side.

MAVIC Notch Trail Helmet White 2015 - White Black Helmet size: Small 51cm-56cm



Most women look extremely beautiful in this helmet that they wish to use it almost every day as it serves as one of their favorites aesthetically wise.

A distinctive feature about the helmet is its ability to set on your head comfortably with very cool paddings. Xrd memory foam is also found at the helmet front side which helps to make sure it fits your head shape perfectly. Technically ladies with a lot of hair find solace in this type of helmet as they tend to find a type of helmet that fits them perfectly even with their hair.

Safety-wise, the extended rear part of the head provides good coverage which is a very important quality that ladies look out for, especially mountain biking women. 

  • Safety is very paramount in the helmet and is a really cool characteristics
  • Shell properties of the helmet are responsible for its comfortability.
  • At night, riding is very convenient as a result of visors which makes it so easy.
  • lightness gives the helmet its worldwide acceptance
  • The helmet does not include a MIPS
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  1. Giro Saga MIPS Helmet

A cheap type of helmet is the Giro Saga and its price ranges below $100 – $100. There are definitely not so many cheap helmets and also offer MIPS technology as the giro saga helmet, 

Giro Unisex's Fixture Cycling Helmet, Matt Black, Unisize (54-61 cm)

Attached is a dial at the back of the GIRO helmet which can be adjusted easily by just a single touch or one hand click even while riding. This is made possible as a result of the rubber grip attached to it. In addition, there are is also a good point of clearance at the back for a ponytail hair type. Obviously, you can use the helmet even with any type of hair available. Short-haired or long-haired.


On a final note, for a helmet as low as this, the giro saga helmet does perfect justice to ventilation which is due to about 22 holes found on the helmet and its internal channeling.

It comes in different type and colors, with so many features that are feminine, but most colors available does not involve pink type.

  • It is really a very cheap type of helmet around below $100
  • The helmet comes up in different colours which makes it very attractive to females.
  • Ventilation vents available are many and help keep your head cool during rides.
  • It is adjustable with just a single touch.
  • Due to many vents attached to the helmet, winds get rushed in easily during highway rides.
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  1. Bontrager WaveCel Helmets (Specter and XXX)

Just like the koroyd on the smith type of Helmet, the Bontrager xxx and Bontrager helmet makes use of a honeycomb style sheet which is always introduced into the helmet and helps make sure for excellent absorption impact. Regardless of the hype around this Helmet, it offers the highest safety ratings as released by DOT and other independent tests which makes them excellent and inevitable in most women’s rides. While searching for the best and the safest helmet around, kindly opt for this type of helmet. 

Bontrager Starvos Wavecel MTB Bicycle Helmet Yellow 2021: Size: M (54-60 cm)


Features particular about the helmet include its Comfortability, ventilation vents available, and also fits any head type or size perfectly even with a ladies with ponytail hair, which is very important for most ladies.

The wave cell technology associated with this helmet is developed by the legacy biomechanics laboratory, which has been known worldwide to offer great safety measures.
The specter and xxx helmet are just so comfortable that you might even forget you have a helmet on your head, this makes long-distance journey awesome and stress-free. Also, one feature that makes them very interesting is the 1-year crash replacement guarantee.

  • They are very comfortable.
  • They offer a 5-star safety deal.
  • Ventilation is excellent as airflow is very cool with the vents attached to it.
  • It is quite is easy to get a ponytail with the boa closure attached which allows for long hair riders.
  • There is a one-year crash replacement guarantee on the helmets.

They are much heavier than other types of helmets

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  1. Smith Overtake Helmet

The smith overtake is partially a woman type of helmet but even at this, offers a lot of feminine features which are excellent. It comes in different types of colors and gives you a wide range of choices on the road more than any type of helmet you can find out there.


SMITH Overtake Cycling Helmet Unisex, unisex, Overtake, Mt Reacto Split, Size L

Even though it isn’t really cheap but surely if offers you the best features considering its price. It is definitely known to worth its price. Extra features involved in the helmet pack include sunglass channels and also vents coverage which has a honeycomb structure and help keep bugs out so easily, with so much airflow to keep you ventilated.

Most persons involved in a crash with this helmet on has given great testimonies, reinforcing its strength. All thanks to the large coverage made by the rear of the helmet and also the Smith’s proprietary koroyd construction. 

On a final note, if you are a lady racer, or just wish for so many fast rides, the overtake has great aerodynamic features. In wind research, the giro overtakes properties is very excellent even while compared to most of its competitors.

  • The construction system used for the shell is excellent
  • Air vents are placed perfectly on the helmet.
  • They offer aerodynamic features.
  • It offers great protection against crashes.
  • It is expensive, compared to other types of helmets.
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  1. Bell Nala Joy Ride Helmet MIPS

Another affordable type of women helmet is the bell Nala helmet, which is equipped with so many protective features, part of which include the MIPS.

Women who are new in the world of sport can now have a rest of mind as the helmet is very affordable with the manufacturer keeping you in mind.

BELL Nala MIPS Cycling Helmet, Matt/Gloss Navy/Sky, Small (52-56 cm)


Even though it has some different features when compared to most types of helmets found on this list, but it surely has your money worth, and definitely protects you with 100 percent surety on safety.

The feature included in this helmet which makes it so safe for use includes the MIPS technology which is known for most helmet safety.

Also, the shell of the helmet is made with in-mold construction which is really scarce in helmets of this type and in this price range. Isn’t that awesome?

Lastly, you can check through for the bell type in stores as it is very limited because of the features and characteristics it possesses even with the price range.

  • The shield component is so cool that it serves as a basis for its worldwide acceptability.
  • It includes a MIPS technology
  • Easy to wear and fit all head types.
  • air vents attached to the helmet ventilation section help improve the head coolness.
  • The weight is minimal and offers a convenient ride for the riders.
  • There might be high air in flux in terms of fast rides.
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  1. Kask Protone Helmet

The Kask Protone is a premium type of road bike helmet which is very sleek and performs its functioning very well.

The Protone helmet has been known to evolve from the two-toned color option to the faux leather chin strap which is one of the main characteristics that makes it a very beautiful type of helmet most ladies trip for.

Kask Protone Helmet black black Size:Taille M


Features included in the helmet include their aerodynamic properties, lightness, and also perfect ventilation. What more are you looking for in a helmet. This helmet is just excellent as a Lady’s type of helmet.

The helmet is not really expensive, but do you know about value return? This is exactly what this helmet provides. It provides you with excellent safety and fit for all head types. Also, the sizing is really spot on with the retention system very easy and also adjustable, without affecting your hair in any way. 

  • It is a really cheap type of helmet.
  • There is a MIPS protection system.
  • Great comfortability and protection is part of the characteristics of the helmet
  • It offers great head coverage.
  • The retention system is both easy and adjustable.
  • Does not really look good when worn. 
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  1. Giro Seyen MIPS

This isn’t really sexy, and might not be that attractive, but even at that, it has color schemes which are fancy a bit and definitely get a number of ladies tripping. 

Safety precautions involved in the seyen helmet include the MIPS technology which keeps the rider’s mind at rest.

The air vents attached it many, with up to 25vents which is responsible for an excellent ventilation system for the head, making your head cool even during hot days. 

Brisk cycling skull cap under helmet thermal tight fit warm regular size (Black)


Attached to the chin area, is a slim buckle that does not run or disturb the chin in any way. Making the helmet safe and excellent for use. Absolutely with this type of helmet, you really have almost all you wish for and nothing left.

Would you go for a helmet? I bet Yes

Also, you won’t feel dorky using this helmet as it is a slim profile helmet with its lightness that you won’t even feel the helmet is on.

  • The weight is reasonably light and balances perfectly on your head.
  • The venting system is excellent
  • They are fancy types of helmets and are very attractive to ladies.
  • There is a slim buckle attached to the chin side and does not disturb riding.
  • It is not really an expensive type of helmet, but its features are kind of limited.
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  1. Specialized Propero III With ANGi

If riding alone on highway or rural areas is your thing, then the specialized propero is the best for you. It has a safety technology that is entirely different – the ANGi technology. In case you are hurt in a crash, the technology alerts all your emergency contacts and sends them an emergency message that you crashed, with the location of the accident included in the emergency message.

Other safety features attached to the helmet include reflective decals which are useful in periods of low light situations, which help as a visual aid. MIPS technology is also included in the helmet features.

DesignSter Lightweight Helmet Road Bike Cycle Helmet Mens Women for Bike Riding Safety Adult(Fits Head Sizes 57-63cm) (Black)


The ponytail space cannot be overemphasized as there is a separate hair port for this purpose, leaving girls with long hair the best choice of using them. It is a very amazing and awesome kit for a lady rider.

Adjustments are also made possible as a result of the straps attached which has a splitter that makes adjustments both dummy-proof and laying flat. In addition, a clip-on visor is also available. This is the best feature you can ever have in a helmet, and this great helmet has it included. You should definitely give it a trial.

  • Adjustments are made easy with the helmet type.
  • Visors are available, with night riding very easy.
  • They offer great protection with their MIPS technology.
  • there is an opportunity for long hair ladies to have helmet fit their heads.
  • It is expensive.
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The above write-up consists of different types Womens Road Bike Helmet that can suit your purpose. Be it a fashionable type or just for your safety only, kindly read up and choose your most preferred.