Shoei Qwest Review

Have you been worried about your choice of a helmet? Are you worried about carrying a heavyweight helmet on your head with all the stress you have gone through during the day? Well, there are actually a few types of helmets that offer good shape, value, cool ventilation system, and also excellent material content. The Shoei Qwest Helmet has stood the ground for so long to fill these qualities above and is recommended as being the best to suit your purpose.

Shoei Qwest Full Face Motorbike Motorcycle Scooter Helmet White XXS (51-52cm)


Shoei Qwest Helmet is a type of head guard made with great safety, from a great brand with affordability being their watchword. It can be seen in various stages in varying sizes, shapes form, e.t.c. Motorcyclists find it very easy and the helmet serves as a great choice for them, apart from being attractive with its matte black design, it also complements all other biking gear system found in the motorcycle conveniently.

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Shoei Qwest Helmet 2021 – Quick Review

Furthermore, the Shoei Qwest helmet has been subjected to so many tests to know what it is capable of and also its effectiveness. They are tested for qualities which include

Aerodynamic properties in a wind tunnel help to reduce or eradicate the wind totally while on the ride. You can have a safe and flawless ride while on your motorcycle. This is one of the great quality of this helmet. Many helmets do not seal properly around the chin, especially those that are very cheap. This defect of not being sealed properly makes the helmet prone to excess wind entering your helmet and making your head comfortable.

When it comes to noise reduction in the Shoei Qwest helmet, the in-house wind tunnel structure yields the best results, but in some cases, it does not fully block the critical noises acquired from the environment, but the optimal aerodynamics of the shell makes the rider also aware of all that is happening in his environment.

Shoei QWest Paragon TC-6 Full-Face Helmet Black/White by BikerWorld


Although, there are some linear components that are also found in the helmet which help to avoid all road noises from making an entrance from the button, into the inner part of the helmet.

This will obviously add to the comfort of the shell, especially if you wish to go for a long ride. 

You should also be aware that the inspiration for making this type of helmet is because of many tours, journeys, and adventure purposes. It can however be said to be made so as to complement and also aid the rider’s general experience in any situation that might occur during the ride. 

The excellent ventilation system and also sturdy construction are the two main reasons why you will be satisfied with the outcome and benefits that this type of helmet offers. Won’t you rather go for this type of helmet that has aerodynamic properties?.

High-Quality Construction is a strong point to uphold while getting a helmet is the rider’s safety. Attracted to this, being cost-effective is another thing to uphold which is arguably the best quality of Shoei’s helmet. It also fits in with being durable and also with sturdy construction, as well as a shell that is specially designed so as to meet and ensure excellent performance of the helmet.

One Germane reason you should rest assured about the Shoei Qwest helmet is the fact it meets and hovers around both DOT and ECE standards. These standards have been known to be very reliable by riders that many experienced riders take their recommendation seriously as it is the best. This helmet however gives a great result. 

AIM construction which is also known as the advanced integrated matrix is a component that the helmet comes with which includes a number of multi-fiber structures that are responsible for their lightness and makes the chances of it being heavy for riders very low.

Shoei NXR Valkyrie Motorcycle Helmet XL Red Green (TC-4)


Also, checking through the helmet elasticity, they tend to expand very well especially when they are combined with organic fibers which makes it possible for a special shell structure to be built, extremely lightweight, rigid, and also resilient. 

You should be ready to have your helmet equipped with 3d Center pad and also multi-layered cheek pads which are fully made up of polyurethane foam. However, these two types of equipment are both replaceable and removable so as to be able to make sure that it is maintained properly.

Since the helmet will always remain on your head or spend a lot of time on your skull, it is however important for it to be comfortable and at the same time does not compromise safety properties, which is an integral part of a helmet. The padding network found in the helmet is also very amazing, all these are put in line to make your helmet good to use, comfortable and safe. 



One amazing feature of the Qwest helmet is the fact that it has a base plate rotating system that is solely made for the face shield. This system is also known as the (Q.R.S.A) Quick Release Self Adjusting System. This is an excellent feature that tends to distinguish it from many other types of helmet and has more moving parts. 

Ever wondered if a helmet can be spring-loaded? Fortunately, this type of helmet is springloaded as it helps keep the face shield tight, and upright, as against the eye-port gasket which is 360 degrees full. 

Added to this, the sealing ability, and also the gasket efficiency help keep all water sources out which has a tendency of getting into your helmet. Also checking through the DOT test results of the Qwest helmet against water, you will be wowed, as it passes all tests excellently.

Also as regards the spring-loaded mechanism in the helmet, it has a working pattern of keeping the pressure firm against the gasket also found in the helmet so as to make sure any liquid coming passes through the top of the face shield and runs past the eye-port and directly channeled towards the two sides of the Qwest helmet. 

The face shield is carefully molded in such a way that it has an inward chamber extension which is placed at the top place so as to help reduce or eradicate any inflow of water. However, the owner of this shield should be careful and cautious at the same time so as to maintain the system especially during installation and removal of the face shield. With consideration to the fact that the shield aligns to the double small tabs which are found on the shield.


Shoei Glamster Black

Also coupled with the Qwest shield, is a face shield lock and a lift tab which is found beneath the left side of the shield. 

When it is pressed against the downward part of the lever, this makes sure that the face shield is locked and intact. However, the middle position on the face shield lock is neutral as it keeps the shield on hold. Also, the lower part of the helmet gives you access to your face as it opens the Faceshield easily, and in the forward position. This is termed as one of the best defogging and ventilation systems. In addition, it is equipped with an interesting part which is the three-dimensional curved shape which is very cool as it tends to fit the shape of the biker’s finger perfectly well.

The Shoei Qwest helmet is recommended for long-distance journeys because it is designed carefully with improved aerodynamic structure, enhanced and easy airflow, also with some important functions. In short, when compared to the general modular type of helmet, the Shoei Qwest helmet is equipped with many improvements which makes it better than the other ordinary type of helmet.

Like all other types of modular helmet, the Shoei Qwest helmet is also made of an advanced integrated matrix plus technology which is the main reason for the strength of the shell fiber, the fiberglass, and aid in the high efficiency of the helmet fibers. Also, it adds to the lightness of the helmet model and without affecting the safety of the rider. 


Shoei Ryd Full Face Motobike Motorcycle Helmet for Men and Women Matt Blue Metallic Large Helmet

The sun shield system of this model helmet is made of an inbuilt QSV-1 sun shield which aids in making the rider have fast relief from too much sun infiltration. It is a special feature available to this model alone and not found in other types of helmets.

The interior part is also excellent with cheek pads, chin straps which are removable, washable, and replaceable. The inner part is so beautiful with its 3d interior liner system which helps to keep moisture aware better than the ordinary helmet. 

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Features Shoei Qwest Helmet Exhibit

Fiberglass construction

  • The outer part is made of fiberglass which is a hand laid woven layers and bound together with the help of resin to help hold the fibers together. Also, fiberglass makes the helmet very hard, and your safety is certified without hurting your skull and generally saves your life. 


  • Apart from the strength of the helmet, it is also lightweight, keeps your head firm, and head prevented from strain. The weight is generally made to balance the weight around the helmet. 


  • Drag and lift are reduced or almost eradicated during the ride because the Shoei Qwest helmet features an integrated type of spoiler. Won’t you like to try that? 


Shoei Glamster Black

Shell Design and Aerodynamic Stability

Have you seen a helmet that combines so many characteristics? Well, looking elsewhere is not needed. The Shoei Qwest helmet has all characteristics which include strength, lightness, and also its flexibility. Coupled with this, the helmet also comes in 4 varying sizes which tend to expand with its Six-ply matrix technology that does expand the fit ability, for various head shapes and sizes. It is the most durable type of helmet that can be seen in stock as your head can be saved from severe injuries in case of a crash.


The Qwest Helmet gives excellent visibility with good view range and is better than the average vertical sightlines, and also a bit better than the average lateral vision. 

According to Shoei, The helmet uses the newly designed structure of the face shield, which was aimed to be wider and taller than the former helmet shield. Apart from this, the shield also helps to filter about 99% UVA and UVB light.

Measuring the face shield thickness, it is 2.21mm thick and its optical qualities are very excellent. Luckily, it is named as being the best face shield helmet, surpassing the VESC-8 face shield standard.

Checking through its anti-fog qualities, it can be seen that the Shoei Qwest face shield respond excellently to the anti-fog coating which makes it easy to use and excellent. In case the weather is beginning to turn kind of unfavorable. The Qwest Helmet also uses the QRSA, ( Quick Release Self Adjusting) base.


Shoei Glamster Black

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When getting a helmet, kindly go for high-quality helmets, they come upon with so many functions that are both scarce and useful, however just one helmet stand out so well and can be characterized as one of the best helmets with so many functionalities, this is the Shoei brand, which has the Shoei Qwest Helmet as one of their models. However, if you are you have been thinking, or kind of stalk on the core advantage of this type of helmet, kindly stay through to the next paragraphs for helpful outlines.

Shoei Qwest Helmet has an aerodynamic shell design that is very effective to help reduce and maximize wind tunnel, meaning that you can enjoy your high-speed ride without having to worry about anything. From experience and customer valuation, it is mostly bought because of the comfort it provides, and safety during your road rides.

Furthermore, If you are known to flow at high speeds, knowing that this helmet comes with well-molded air spoilers is really a thing of joy. Imagine not worrying about drag, thereby reducing the helmet weight pressure around your neck region especially when your motorcycle is going on so fast. 

Have I talked about the power and the general engine capacity for this helmet? The engine capacity is 100 percent, no flop. 

Also, factors like “road conditions can change anytime” and also “change in weather condition” have been factored out due to that it made of special construction which is the number one thing riders look out for. Moreso, you will always be glad due to the dual-layer EPS liner which helps to improve ventilation and also absorption.

Another aspect is that the Shoei Qwest Helmet has important boxes that help to procure comfort and protection also, and are part of the requirements every motorcycle helmet should tally with. However, for the helmet to be very effective while facing rides and also at high speed, the box needs to be fixed, fixed right. This has ways been the reason why the helmets is constructed of six different EPS liner sizes which helps to make sure the job is done perfectly. 

The user air intake system is very efficient as it maximizes its Ventilation for its user. It is worthy to note that the general performance during high wind conditions is excellent with no cause for alarm because the helmet operates on a routine of low air intake which makes fogging not an issue in this type of helmet. 

This Shoei Qwest Helmet model comes with so many great features that make it a perfect choice for every motorcycle rider out there, and one of these great features is the technology that it provides for noise reduction.

And lastly, the outlets around the neck of the helmet which is included in the helmet design serve as a way of ensuring that there is an effective way of eliminating air exhaust.


Choosing the right helmet size for your head might be quite stressful especially in case you will need to test almost all the helmet on before selecting the best that fits perfectly. This is because

Even though the Shoei Qwest helmet does not come with some features that might help to enforce there is streamlining to your needs, it is also very Germane that you check for the helmet that best fits your head before proceeding to other necessary corrections. 

In addition, you should also make sure you follow all maintenance procedures religiously so as to avert accidents or damage especially, in relation to its materials constituents. Also, this should be followed to make sure that several elements like the wind or sun do not have any traceable effect on it during use. 

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As a form of conclusion, it can be deduced from the above write up that the Shoei Qwest helmet is definitely one of the best and offers you the best protection you could ever imagine. I however do recommend you go with the Shoei Qwest helmet especially during touring or adventurous rides.