Best Modular Helmet

Have you always been on your ride without a helmet, especially on highways? Be sure you are joking about your safety. Helmet is a Germane piece of safety gear that is needed by most motorcyclists to help prevent unforeseen circumstances like being hospitalized or having bruises.

Helmets are of different types and vary in sizes, shakes, and even their prices. But a function to keep in mind while getting a helmet is to keep.mind that safety and protection are very important. Your head and face protection should an accident occur or impact crash is part of the reasons why helmets must be durable, secure, comfortable, and perhaps if possible, lightweight so as to help reduce neck pain.

Best Modular Helmet Of 2021

However, there are many types of helmets, even though they all have the main purpose which is to protect your head.

A modular helmet is mostly fully faced formed in shape and always have hinges to help open the helmet and also can be converted to an open face helmet.


Having this helmet as a full-faced helmet has made it very cool for its safety and also there is an option to fasten the helmet around your chin with the chin bar.  Having this fully faced helmet with the helmet is very amazing and you will definitely look awesome.

The modular helmet type is also known as the flip-up model. From the name flip up, it can be deduced that even though they might look similar to a full-faced type of helmet at first glance, the visor and also the chin bar can be flipped upwards to help aid your vision or ventilation also.

This type of helmet may have the same features found in other types of the helmet in some cases, such as the visor, chin bar e.t.c., Most of the modular type of helmet consist of a standard visor and might also include another type of visor to help protect your eyes against the sunlight.

The modular helmet has so many features that are included in it. This tends to add to the weight of the helmet, even though the hinges add to its safety, it also adds to the weight and also serves as a weak point during impact and therefore reduces safety.

If you feel satisfied with wind or raindrops on your face while riding, but you get bad when the drops are too much, then having this kind of modular helmet is good because it is flip able and can suit your purpose. However, if you don’t wish to leave any part of your face to a chance of bruises due to flip type of helmet, then getting a full-faced helmet will be better.

Modular helmets are popular and are improving each year. They offer the protection you get from a full-face helmet and the convenience of an open-face helmet. These helmets utilize a hinged mechanism.

Best Modular Helmet 2021 Review

Below is a list of the 5 best modular motorcycle helmets.

  1. HJC RPHA MAX Modular Helmet

In case you wish to have a sound ride, and you have been wondering which protective gear can best fit for your safety?, then going for the HJC RPHA MAX Modular Helmet should be your go-to on your list. It is an excellent helmet for your purpose. This is due to the fact that only a few of these modular helmets gives excellent safety and comfort simultaneously.

The material content of this helmet is carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid, and also some non-woven organic fiber, This makes it durable and very strong. Coupled with its durability, it also has a lightweight shell however making it so easy and comfortable for the rider. This type of helmet is mostly considered a tough helmet.

HJC - Motorcycle helmets - HJC RPHA MAX EVO ZOOMWALT MC5SF - S


Characteristics feature that this helmet is made up of a sun shield and visor. HJC RPHA Max modular helmet is best known for its powerful and excellent visor. Riding during the hottest part of the summer just got convenient with this type of helmet because it possesses a one-touch integrated sun shield that has the ability to work in 3 different positions and purposes.

Also, should it be in terms of emergency, the face shield can be replaced easily and also be beneficial to you. If you are a long journey rider during the hot summer, the HJC RPHA Max modular helmet padding system is one of the best as it makes the helmet lightweight, anti-bacteria, and also make you have a soothing soft feel.

  • It has so many features which make the helmet very cool for use, ranging from the visor to its ventilation vents and many others
  • Durability and easy to clean is the watchword for this brand
  • Having neck pain with this type of helmet can be reduced as it is lightweight and has a very quiet/ cool design structure.
  • In case you might be busy taking care of your helmet, you might have to reconsider as this helmet is very hard to maintain.
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  1. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular Helmet

The Scorpion EXO-AT950 dual-sport flip-up is very excellent for persons that go on an adventure journey or tour. This type of helmet is a type that is considered better for both offroad and touring riders. It can however be termed as a dual modular helmet. It can be said to be one of the best types of modular helmets. A general view about this helmet is that it gives you great options of being able to ride in multiple terrains.

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Dual Sport Modular Helmet Gloss White (XL)


The durability and protection of this model are also amazing with a good polycarbonate shell which is always very strong, lightweight, and have the ability to absorb crash impact immediately.

It is approved and stamped as one of the best models of the helmet by the DOT with a warranty of 5 years. Also considered as the best helmet for adventure lovers with its characteristic features like lightweight, strongness, and durability.

  • The material used for the scorpion helmet is advanced Polycarbonate which makes it very strong and easy for use.
  • It has an internal sun visor which aid in riding during summer easy and not stressful
  • Feeling comfortable during the ride is very cool as it is padded to ease your ride.
  • Not 100 percent convenient for off-road riding.
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  1. The Shoei Neotec 2 Modular Helmet

It is a very popular type of modular helmet made for motorcyclists and most time called the standard modular type of helmet as it is saddled with all features which makes choosing it a very reliable, safe, comfortable, and sleek helmet.

The Shoei Neotec 2 helmet is recommended for long-distance journeys because it is designed carefully with improved aerodynamic structure, enhanced and easy airflow, also with some important functions. In short, compared to the general modular type of helmet, the Shoei Neotec 2 helmet is equipped with many improvements which makes it better than the ordinary helmet.


Shoei Neotec 2 Splicer Men's Street Motorcycle Helmet - TC-2 / X-Large

Like most of the modular helmet, this helmet is also made of an advanced integrated matrix plus technology which is responsible for the strength of the shell fiber, the fiberglass, and aid in the high performance of the helmet fibers. Also adds to the lightweight of the helmet model and without compromising the safety of the rider.

The sun shield system of this model helmet is made of an inbuilt QSV-1 sun shield which aids in making the rider have fast relief from too much sun infiltration. It is a special feature available to this model alone and not found in other types of helmets.

The interior part is also excellent with cheek pads, chin straps which are removable, washable, and replaceable. The inner part is so beautiful with its 3d interior liner system which helps to keep moisture aware better than the ordinary helmet.

  • It is a new model type of helmet, with a whole of protection taken into consideration, reduced crash impact and so many internal features.
  • The liner has multiple density EPS lining
  • Sun shield is very awesome with this type of helmet as it has the best visor material.
  • The base plate system is also very excellent
  • It is a bit expensive.
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  1. HJC IS-MAX II Modular Helmet

Have you been wondering why this type of modular helmet made it to our list? It is mainly because of it’s multiple and amazing features that are present in this helmet. You can have a long time conversation without necessarily removing your helmet. Isn’t that amazing?

The shell design and the chin bar is made of advanced Polycarbonate, improving its comfortability on long rides and also it’s lightweight. It is certified by DOT and ECE to have met all safety standards.


Hjc IS-MAX II Modular Polycarbonate Motorcycle Helmet, Men's women's, Im2mbl, black matt

Talking about shielding your face? This helmet is all you need, be it while you are riding in the highway or commuting. You can easily open the chin bar and the face shield shell with just one hand, that’s is how durable and easy it is.

The ventilation structure features an advanced structure which is called the advanced channeling ventilation system which helps to make sure there is the immediate removal of humidity, especially during a ride. The cheeks pads are also removable and washable so as to make you very comfortable.

  • Having great protective features is one of the best characteristics of this helmet.
  • The sun shield is excellent with its ultraviolet protective structure
  • It is lightweight and durable with so many good fibers it is made up of.
  • This helmet brand provides one of the best helmets with great design options and sizes.
  • The chin bar does not have a pin that helps lock up the helmet.
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  1. Nolan N44 EVO Modular Helmet

Do you wish for a versatile modular helmet for both long and short rides? The Nolan N44 EVI is excellent for your purpose and popularly recommended among recent and young cyclists. Coupled with its lightweight shell which is made up of polycarbonate, it is rest assured that it’s protection cannot be compromised, providing you with full protection and a hundred percent impact absorption. For its value and efficiency, it is certified by the ECE and DOT.

Parts of this helmet which provides the best protection is also the chin guard side of the helmet, it helps hold the held in good posture and structure without loading strain on the neck. So it is without a doubt that you will be well secured with this type of full-faced helmet.


Nolan N44 Evo Classic N-Com Glossy Black Modular Crossover Motorcycle Helmet

The ventilation structure of this type of helmet, has a central ventilation system that helps provide the best ventilation structure while riding. So you don’t have to be scared of being choked during the ride. Even in hot weather conditions, the Nolan helmet will help keep your head cool and emits heat and humidity of the helmet.

The noise coupled with riding might be very crazy, but with this type of helmet, noise cancellation is very cool and quiet. Talking with your Bluetooth headset is also very convenient. This type of helmet is just the best and the last part of this list.

  • There is soft padding which makes the helmet comfortable for even long journey rides.
  • It has a huge field of view which is as a result of its good eye visor
  • The air intake is also very convenient and with regulated vents.
  • The inner pads are not removable.
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Are you an enthusiast of modular helmets? Have you been wondering how modular helmets can fit your purpose?. This write-up is a panacea to all you wish to know as justice is done to the various types of a cheap, cool, and comfortable modular helmet that can fit your various purposes.

Be it you wish to have a full-faced helmet or switch to a half-faced helmet during riding, a modular helmet should be your regular go-to. On a general note, a Modular type of helmet is the best for all your touring, or riding duties.

Checking through this write-up, you will certainly be satisfied with the content that will fit your purpose.