Top Safest Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Riding a motorcycle is such a thrilling activity to engage in. Motorcycles also serve as a means of transportation. There is always an occasion where we need to move from one place to another, a motorcycle can stand in as a means or medium of transportation therein.

Top Safest Motorcycle Helmet Brands 2021

On these occasions, there is a need to keep safe as life is very important. Motorcycles don’t only serve as a means of transportation, they can also be used for fun and sporting events. In all these, there is a need to stay safe that is why as a rider, you need to get a safe motorcycle helmet.

There are various brands that produce safe motorcycle helmets. In this write-up, we would be highlighting and taking a look at the top safest motorcycle helmet brands. These helmets fit and possess all the safety features you need as a motorcycle rider. It is ideal that you get protected and kept secure all the way as you ride.

Top Safest Motorcycle Helmet Brands 2021

  1. Shoei RF-1200 Motorcycle Helmet

This racing helmet has a very good market value. It is very comfortable and easy to wear. It is also a high-end motorcycle helmet. If you are a tourist or an adventurous rider, then this helmet is for you. Racers will also benefit from improved ease.

Shoei Philosopher Men's RF-1200 Street Motorcycle Helmet - TC-3 / 2X-Large

If there’s one thing that makes this spectacular helmet stand out, that’s the warmth and comfortability you feel when you put it on. The interior part of this helmet is high quality as you would expect from a helmet made by the brand Shoei. This level of comfort makes the Shoei RF-1200 regarded as one of the top safest motorcycle helmet brands. You can easily wash and use it again. Another attribute that endears riders to it is its lightweight, it is quite handy. 


  • It is a very comfortable helmet
  • It is lightweight
  • It has aerodynamic properties
  • It is quite pricey
  • Some may find the pin lock a bit too tight
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  1. Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet

Arai is a high-quality and high-end motorcycle helmet brand. This motorcycle helmet is quite pricey however it is really worth its cost. It has amazing visibility which gives the rider a wider and clearer view. You will definitely want this if you are going on an adventurous trip as you would want to see and relish the beautiful scenery.

Arai XD4 Helmet - Vision (Medium) (Frost RED)

The entire body or construction of this motorcycle helmet is assembled in a sturdy and firm manner. Aria has set the standard for what adventure motorcycle helmets should look like. Characteristics such as complete safety, comfort and consistency and comfort makes this motorcycle helmet stand out. 

  • It has the best visibility ever
  • It is very comfortable
  • There is good ventilation at the chin part of the helmet, this gives room for proper breathing
  • There is not enough ventilation at the top part of the motorcycle helmet
  • The Chinstrap may seem short for some riders
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  1. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

First-time sport riders will love this motorcycle helmet. Bell is a very sophisticated and high-quality helmet. The Qualifier DLX helmet looks fantastic and feels great, it has a lot of amazing features. It is definitely one of the finest road racing helmets ever. The Qualifier DLX fits easily.

Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Rally Matte Black/white, Large)

Bell has been a trusted company for so long and will continually be. The elegance of a motorcycle helmet is top-notch. Bell is a name to reckon with in the motorcycle helmet industry. Each Qualifier DLX come standard with a Photochromic’ face shield which means it will darken in the presence of UV light. Another great feature with the face shield is its Click Release” technology with a number of different face shield setting at the click of a button.

The main concern about the Qualifier DLX is that it appears to be loud. However this can be controlled, Some users have resorted to duct taping or merely sealing vent holes that make for a bit of air. 

  • It is very affordable
  • It comes with a great face shield
  • It has good ventilation
  • It appears noisy
  • It sometimes does not size perfectly
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  1. HJC Motorcycle Helmets

HJC has been in existence since 1971 and is well reckoned in making helmets. It has been the number 1 brand in North America and is very popular in many countries. Some of the reasons for HJC ‘s success is because it offers Convenient, High Quality, Trendy & Inexpensive Helmets to customers.

HJC Unisex's NC Motorcycle Helmet, Black, M

What makes HJC famous is that it offers a large variety of the finest helmets from mid-range to high-end. HJC has a state-of-the-art wind tunnel research facility for test features such as cooling, noise, aerodynamics and numerous other features. They are continually developing their technology and research methods to make cycling safer.

  • HJC helmets are more economical than most brands
  • The goods are designed in various colours and sizes
  • Built to be secure enough for all head sizes
  • Fitted with fully efficient earplugs that reduce excessive noise
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  1. ILM JK313-MB-M Full Face Motorcycle Helmet 

This helmet is a major helmet to look out for in the motorcycle helmet market due to its sleek style and a multitude of new features. Its casing is made of an extremely durable and lightweight ABS material. It is a DOT-certified helmet and goes at a very reasonable price, this is undeniably an awesome option!

ILM 6 Colors Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet ECE

The interior of this gear features a foam lining with a nice feel. This makes it super easy to wear. You can quickly cut the side pads and liner to wash them clean. It has comfortable chin straps as well as top-of-the-head vents for an exceptional supply of air. So, it prevents the sense of suffocation caused by a lack of adequate airflow. Its streamlined aerodynamic construction reduces a lot of wind noise and all. 

It’s super simple to use with its quick-release clasp and strap. The best feature of this helmet is that it comes with a winter neck scarf that keeps you warm and cosy in the winter season. In addition, the neck scarf can be discarded at any time, meaning you won’t have to stay with it during the season. Overall, this is an amazing product with features that can only be seen in more costly products. If you’re riding under the blazing sun or freezing cold weather, it’s going to make sure you get the best experience!

  • Simple quick-release straps
  • Soft and relaxed inside
  • Good ventilation makes it possible to breathe
  • Modern and elegant style
  • Lightweight structure avoids pain in the neck
  • The vents sometimes don’t snap into place
  • Internal pads may become thicker
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  1. 1Storm HB89 Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This is one of the most rewarding helmets in the motorcycle market that has managed to maintain a complete equilibrium between price and cost. It’s a basic and beautiful, modular helmet. With sturdy construction, you should trust it to shield your head from brutal impacts.

Leopard LEO-819 ECE 2205 Approved Full Face Motorbike Helmet Motorcycle Helmet - Matt Black S (55-56cm)

The modular feature of this equipment functions well, allowing you to use it as a full-face helmet or an open helmet wherever you choose. Includes inner padding for additional warmth. They’re reusable, so washing them is pretty fast.

It comes with multiple customizable vent switches to control the airflow of your choosing. So, you’re not going to sweat inside and find it easy to breathe. If you hate full-face helmets because of the sun, let it change your mind! The aerodynamic structure of the ABS makes it highly durable and offers added protection.

In addition, it is DOT-certified, meaning that it meets safety requirements. Its flip-down sunshades operate very impressively, as they essentially block sunlight from impeding your vision during the day. The transparent outside viewfinder is ideal for any period and will deter dust and debris from touching your eyes.

Even, this gear is very effective in reducing the wind’s whistling sound during short drives. No more distracting noise to you! It’s pretty small for a full-face helmet, but it hardly puts much weight on the head. It doesn’t cost you a ton to buy, so you’d get a great product that’s as robust as it’s convenient.

  • Simple to regulate airflow
  • Dual visors features for improved comfort
  • Requires fast connection of the Bluetooth device
  • Quite comfortable for wearing
  • Reduces the noise of the wind flow
  • Adjusting the chin clip may seem a little difficult
  • ABS which it is made of is not the most durable substance
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  1. Nolan Motorcycle Helmets

Nolan is another great manufacturer of helmets that originated in Italy. The Business was founded in 1973. Nolan makes some of the safest helmets ever. 

Nolan Special Plus N87 Polycarbonate N-Com Full Face Motorcycle Helmet – Graphite Black Size L

Also, the looks and sound of the Nolan Helmets are premium and all in a fair price range. All Nolan helmets are covered by a five-year warranty and all Tom communications devices are covered by a two-year extended warranty.

  • It is very versatile. Their helmets are usually may be made with a full-face helmet or an open face helmet or an off-road type helmet
  • The Noland helmets use the advanced Pinlock shield. This functionality offers greater and improved coverage
  • They have really modular helmets
  • Can be used in every season
  • Nolan helmets are limited to a transparent face mask. Other manufacturers sell both plain and smoked face shields
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Things to Look Out for When Buying Motorcycle Helmets

How safe it is

This of course should be the first factor to consider as safety is key. One way in which you can see how safe a helmet is is by checking its safety ratings. The safety rating is usually at the back of the motorcycle helmet. 

The comfort and fit it exudes

This is another contributing factor to how a motorcycle helmet will seem safe for you. Helmets come in different sizes and shapes. Choose one that fits the shape of your head and suits you; this way you will enjoy your ride and keep safe. 

The features of the helmet

A good motorcycle helmet should have good safety features. Ventilation is very important and a good motorcycle helmet should have good ventilation. The rider would need to breathe properly while riding and this can only happen when there is good ventilation; therefore this a feature to look out for.

Straps are also features you should check out. The quick-release strap is suitable for those commuting a short distance or if you are going to be making several stops, you can use this. On the other hand, the helmet with the double D ring strap or feature is suitable for rides at a long stretch or those who engage in adventurous sporting rides. When buying, make sure you choose the best helmet that suits your riding style, this way you will have a safe ride. It won’t just be safe, you would also enjoy it because it is comfort at its best. 

Its Price

How cost-effective a helmet is also an important point to note. Ensure that there is a balance between how good the helmet is and its price, this way you will be satisfied with your purchase. It is important that as a rider, you go for the best when purchasing.


Now, from this write up you should know how to pick the right motorcycle helmet for your self, knowing fully well that the best and safest motorcycle helmet is ideal for you. A lot of goods out there might offer you an enticing choice, but that doesn’t mean they’re of good quality and safe.

You need to make careful that you choose a DOT certified helmet and one that will last a long time when shielding you from injury. Finding the right motorcycle helmets is going to be a lot simpler now that you know the biggest helmet makers out there, and now it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your intent. Make a choice, start purchasing, enjoy your ride and keep safe.

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