The Lightest Motorcycle Helmet

The weight of a helmet is one of the integral considerations while selecting a type of helmet to use. You definitely won’t want to be tired as a result of wearing a helmet. What are the germane factors to consider while selecting the weight of the motorcycle helmet? Helmet weight directly affects the head especially your neck part. However, comfort, less fatigue, and if you are the fancy type, yes, fancy too. 

Many persons have always been of the opinion that some particular model of the helmet is lightweight and the best for their use. However, this write-up gives a lot of clarification and you will definitely be able to choose from a variety of helmet that is lightweight.

The Lightest Motorcycle Helmet Of 2021

As said earlier, the material component of the helmet. Helmets made from carbon fiber have been justified to be of a lightweight than those in which the outer part is made from other materials like thermoplastic resin. 

The weight of the helmet definitely depends on the material composition of the helmet, more light it’s constituent. However, expatiating the German factored that affects the weight of the helmet is very important. Below are some of the factors that affect the lightness of the helmet weight.

The more exotic the materials on the helmet is, the more the accessories, the heavier the helmet. For example, if the helmet has a visor, double lens, or even sunscreen, it will definitely add to the weight of the helmet. Unless if it is only painted from the outside to make it fancy. 

On a general note, a modular helmet will definitely be heavier than a full-faced helmet, the reason being that the modular helmet always includes features like a sun visor and it does have an overall large shell size compared to the full-faced helmet. Even though full-faced helmets are advised for great safety to the modular helmet. 


However, while choosing helmets that are lightweight, considering their comfortability is also very important. You definitely won’t like to be choked by your helmet just because it is lightweight. NO!

Many times, getting a moderately heavy helmet can be more comfortable than having a lightweight helmet that makes you very much uncomfortable. This list however consists of helmets that are very comfortable lightweight and also very cheap. You can however enjoy a wide range of products on this list. 

Things to consider while getting a Light-Weight Motorcycle Helmet.

Now that you are aware of factors that make a helmet lightweight, knowing the one ideal for you, that you can choose from is very paramount and important.

Below are some of what to consider while getting a lightweight motorcycle helmet.

  • Uses– If you wish to commute villages with your ride, just to take a cruise, visit and attend to some things that do not really concern the high way, then a full-face or modular helmet can be the best for your maximum protection. If going for an occasional ride is your priority, using a touring helmet can be very cool for those types of the ride especially if it entails a long ride. For most bikes or cruisers also, modular helmets also serve best in this position and provide more visibility than other types of helmet. This is also very suitable for bikers that are in an upright riding position. Also, if you are the type that likes to hit the trail, having a dual-sport design helmet is the best. 
  •  Cost– normally the typical SNELL type of helmet is very much less expensive and also in the range of $200, however, top tier type of helmets that are lightweight are much more expensive than this, even though their value and DOT value isn’t comprised.  Also, some helmets are made of composite materials like carbon fiber weave or and kevlar. Thought they might pay high around $500-600. If you want an ultra-light helmet, you should also be prepared for its cost.
  • Safety– In order to reduce as much weight as possible, some helmets do have a low-density EPS later which contributes to the lightness of the helmet. However, making sure Snell and DOT rating is considered is very important while selecting your helmet.
  • Expandability– checking if the helmets can accommodate many more accessories is very important, accessories like replacement liners, sunscreen, Bluetooth headset and so hydration packs. Most lightweight helmets are also very boring to the fact that they are streamlined to their use only without having cool accessories like Bluetooth headset. However, this list can help you to make your research well and help you factor in our helmets that give you the option to upgrade and are flexible. 

The Lightest Motorcycle Helmet – Quick Review

  1. X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon Sport Helmet

This is the first type of lightweight helmet on this list and it weighs just 5 pounds.  As expected, it is made of carbon fiber that makes it more aerodynamic mad even more than those of the past models like that made by the X-lite. 

The inner part of this type of helmet is so amazingly padded with carbon filaments which help to make it more protective and increases safety in case of impact. Confidently, this helmet is recommended as one of the lightest helmets you can find in stock, produced by X-lite. 



It has a feature that helps with increased comfort which is the chin bar strap, and also gives a wider field of view which is due to the features found on the helmet which is the ultra-wide visor. 

Since this helmet is equipped with just one visor (the ultra-wide visor), which is also very useful for night riding, this type of helmet is very much useful for night riders as your vision will not be compromised. However, to aid day time riding, our purchasing a smoky visor is very advisable.  Also, there are some quick-change option features as part of the characteristics of this helmet. 

  • Using the double chin strap bar which looks like D Ring is very useful for stabilizing the helmet on your head as you will not wish for a shaky helmet because of its lightness, during high speed
  • There is a chance for great air inflow which is a result of ventilation shafts that are equipped on the helmet at the front and backside of it. 
  • In addition to lightness, carbon fiber also serves as a high form of protection for the helmet. This helmet can however be said to produce two satisfaction, which is lightness and safety. 
  • In case of emergencies, there is an emergency release button/system which aids in quick removal of the helmet. 
  • There is no provision for noise in case of heavy traffics.
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  1. Arai RX-7V RC Carbon Sport Helmet

Models that make one of the best lightweight helmets is Arai. The Arai Rx-7v Rc carbon sport helmet is one of the best produced by this brand and it has so many features that make it very excellent. This model possesses a carbon fiber composite shell which makes it easy and possible to spread energy all around the surface of the shell. 


Arai Axces III 3 Sports Full Face Motorcycle Motorbike Helmet Dual Black Medium

They are well equipped with diffusers which are very long, like 20 mm and also have vents which make their usage very fine, together with decreasing the noise and water entry. Also, any turbulence attached to the helmet usage is erased. 

The egg form structure of the helmet is brought out due to the chin bar which is attached to it. 

  • Due to the material used in this helmet type, it is light in weight and definitely one of the most recommended helmets to help reduce neck strain. 
  • Wind noise, outside noise is canceled due to features that this helmet is equipped with. 
  • There is also a chance for emergencies as the helmet is saddled with a strap which aid in quick removal of the helmet. 
  • The inner part of the helmet is lined and padded, which makes it comfortable and also help reduce microbial action or odor creation. 
  • The helmet is fixed with air wicking materials which help to make sure the rider is kept dry and easy for use. 
  • It is very cheap and not expensive at all.
  • In case of the side or neck exhaust not strapped on so well, it might allow so much air, which might inconvenient the rider.
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  1. AGV Sport Helmet Pista GP-R

Do you wish for a pro-quality, racing helmets? Then this type of helmet should be your best bet, as it is made up of carbon fiber as the helmet is very much available in both medium and large sizes.

It has a good design which is built to have good ventilation, with 1295 grams of weight. It is, however, one of the lightest types of helmet and has a whole lot of features that help make the helmet one of the best in demand in the market. 


agv Pista GP-R Soleluna 2018 Carbon Fibre Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Size ML

Considering its value and efficiency, it is recommended and certified by DOT and ECE.  Considering its visibility, it is saddled with an anti-fog lens which makes it very comfortable for use in humid conditions. 

To help prevent theft, using a helmet lock is very important in case you wish to leave the helmet on your bike, be it catching out with friends or attending to some issues. 

  • Their weight is very light and tends to reduce neck strain and other related issues. Carrying the helmet is very easy as it is also very easy to carry with so much ease. 
  • Coupled with its efficiency and value, it is DOT certified.
  • Its aerodynamic nature brings out its efficiency and also help minimize outside interference
  • The ventilation system of this helmet model is superb with great air inflow/ circulation.
  • The inner part is lining padded which helps add to its comfort. 
  • It’s very costly and might require a large part of your money. 
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  1. Scorpion EXO ADX1 AT950 Helmet

The model reminds you of the great helmet made by this brand. This model of the helmet is also one of the best lightweight helmets you can find. 

It has a great design and very eye-catchy. Who does not wish for a very fancy helmet that does not compromise your safety? 


Scorpion Men's 3399990056799 Motorcycle helmets ADX 1 SOLID Black Matt-L, L

For comfort and safety, this helmet is 100 percent and added to it, it is DOT and ECE certified. Its material constituent is polycarbonate and responsible for its lightweight characteristics.

The ventilation system is also excellent even though it has a single chin and crown vent features. The inflow of air is very cool and can be controlled in case of harsh weather.

Riding without pain but rather comfort in particular with this type of helmet. 

  • Extra protection from Ultraviolet rays is made available from the internal sun visor. 
  • The chin has a slider that allows the vent has good airflow.
  • The helmet is available with a lightweight design structure. 
  • For us effectiveness and value, the Helmet is certified by DOT and the ECE.
  • The chin bar filter is not removable and can make the rider uncomfortable in some cases.
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  1. Shark Race-R Pro Sport Helmet

The shark race-r pro sport helmet has a characteristics feature of a glossy finish which makes it very colorful and attractive. Being padded with linen help prevent and keep it safe against bacterial and also water issues, thereby removing all odor related problems from your helmet. Isn’t that amazing? You will find yourself cool, comfortable, and odorless. 


Shark RACE-R PRO GP REDDING Full Face Helmet Carbon Black Red DKR Size L

This helmet visor comprises of three great features which are very amazing and not really common among helmets. The visor is set in that it can be closed, half-open, and also fully opened, as the case may be.

This is a good way to help improve your usability and comfort.

  • The helmet shell is made of carbon fiber which makes it have its lightweight.
  • The glass system of the helmet can be fitted easily.
  • Design of the helmet can be used for all available type of glasses 
  • During high speed, there might be a high inflow of air, which might cause a lot of turbulence.
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Having read through this article, choosing the best lightweight helmet should be more easy and convenient for you. 

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