Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet

A very important piece you cannot do without especially if you do ride along the highway or commute around town is your safety. Your safety and health should be Paramount and be your first priority, won’t you rather wear a helmet to be on the safe side. 

Getting a very good product may be hard as the market is filled with so many product models all of which vary in their characteristics, comfort level, purpose, and of course the price tag. They of many types that you might get worrisome about the right product to pick from. 

Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet 2021

However, it is not really necessary to get a very expensive helmet before you can be rest assured about your safety along the highway. There are a number of motorcycle helmets that are very inexpensive compared to some that are very pricey. 


One of the best ways of not taking chances while on a motorcycle is to get yourself a decent and effective helmet. This is the least safety investment you can make for yourself. Some helmets do contain carbon fiber and also with the new racing lid. However, they are relatively cheap and affordable. Below are some tips that might help you pick the best motorcycle helmets that suit your purpose. 

But in the end, how the helmet fits your head is one of the best features that distinguishes a great helmet and also in the less price range like the below $200 range. There are obviously a number of helmets that will fit your head so well and comfortably. Most of these helmets are shipped from other countries with cheaper labor and at a very low price. This gives you a quick edge that it is better to buy a helmet at either a brick store or a mortar store where you can test it on to know if your head starts to throb. 

Since it is very important for your head protection, buying a motorcycle helmet for the price alone might be really important, though there may be so many offers available that may seem a sweet deal. However, at a bare minimum, it should be licensed by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This is said to be the least precaution you can take while selecting your helmet type. Other features are mainly additional which might not be capable of protecting your head or considering your bucks. 

Standards Permits and Certifications for Motorcycle Helmets

There are always some levels of helmet protection that are worthy of remembrance in the US which is the Department of Transportation and Snell. Which is that it should be certified in the US by the DOT. This is because the helmet effect, the strength of the strap, penetration, and also the peripheral vision range is sort of the tests carried out by the DOT before certification. 

  • Helmet visibility –  Dark-tinted helmets might seem enticing but I think you might consider testing it before our basing as you will not wish to block your visibility. Depending on who is checking or your choice, the dark-tinted helmet may be threatening or very cool. 
  • Helmet ventilation – You will surely not wish for a choking helmet and a non-controllable helmet. However, checking through that the helmet has slide controls is very important so as to keep the air out in case of cold weather and it should also be noted that one of two ventilation is important in most new full-face helmets. So before purchasing, kindly check that the ventilation checks out and actually helps. Also, check for testimonials to know about product reviews.

Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet – Quick Review

  1. 1Storm Modular Helmet

This is one of the best helmets approved modular models by the Department of Transportation, available in various sizes, colors, and materials. It is a great choice for anyone who goes riding so often and for an extended [period of time because of its comfy. This helmet is characterized by an advanced flip-up design which is aids ventilation, and also its dual-lens which helps visibility. 


Leopard LEO-819 ECE 2205 Approved Full Face Motorbike Helmet Motorcycle Helmet - Matt Black M (57-58cm)

It is however favorable for different weather conditions and is termed as one of the best helmets of all time. A perfect structure that this beautiful helmet has is that it is not heavy and weighs less with an average of $ pounds in total, so it is very much ideal and easy to use for long journeys. The shape is made in one kind that is aerodynamic in shape with a thermoplastic alloy mold up which is to aid wind resistance and also increases your comfortability. 

A very important feature of the 1Storm Modular is that it has an ultraviolet protective finishing which makes it very unlikely to be faded out by the sun. Removable and washable padding is also included in this helmet. So you can wash it easily whenever the need arises and you can be kept fresh and neat at the same time.

  • Its parts are easy to remove and replace easily.
  • It is saddled with six ventilation ports, so you don’t have to worry about getting stalked on suffocated while on the helmet.
  • Its layers are made up of multiple and durable layers which makes the helmet so comfortable and weather resistant.
  • 1Storm Modular is arguably one of the cheapest helmets you can lay your hands on.
  • Riding over 40MPH can bring in so much wind noise to your hearing
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  1. ILM Full Face Helmet

Have you been wishing for a full-faced helmet, considering the ILM Model product should be your best bet? Its affordability, efficiency, and it been tailored for safety is very overwhelming as it is most riders go to. 

It, however, comes in different shapes, sizes, and even colors depending on your need and preferences. The package of the ILM Full face helmet contains two visors, one which is very clear and the other which is smoked. A neck scarf is also included which helps to make riding during the winter comfortable as possible especially if it is a long-distance ride.

ILM Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Carbon Fiber Lightweight 2 Visors for Professional Racing Motocross DOT Approved (M, Carbon Fiber)


The structure of this helmet is streamlined and aerodynamic so as to help reduce wind noise during the ride, and also the resistance that comes with high speeds. Without mincing words, this helmet model is cool and comfortable.

Also, the ILM Full Face also features a strap and clasp which operates a very quick release. It also comes with inner lining pads which are removable and help increase the comfortable experience during the long journey rides.

According to DOT, the model has fully met all requirements and is recommended for use. 

  • Being DOT approved gives a better view of this model and it is termed safe and cool for use.
  • It comes with two different lenses, which is the clear and the smoky lens
  • The inner is padded with lining which increases its comfortability amongst users.
  • The vents do not lock or close easily and it might affect its comfortability.
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  1. Bell Qualifier Helmet

Being one of the best and popular models, the bell qualifier has been the most used helmet among most riders, which is because of its quality, level of comfort, and its technical specifications. 

The package comes with a clear shield which is mostly desired by most riders unless a tinted shield can be made available on request or additional purchase. The helmet shell is made up of an ABS combination and also a polycarbonate which gives it added strength. Inside, it is padded with removable linen and also a wind collar which can be removed easily to wash and keep the helmet fresh and neat for use.

Bell Qualifier 

It covers the whole face with a click release shield which is there to allow for tool-free replacement. Also, fogging has no way with this type of helmet as it has a nutra fog ii anti-fog shields which protect the helmet from Ultraviolet, and also avoids fogging easily.

In addition, it has a chin strap which makes it look like a D-ring closure while its straps. This helmet is also approved and certified for use by the DOT in the USA.

  • It has a pad that is contoured and easy to wash because its interior is lined carefully and perfectly to aid washing and comfort.
  • This helmet type rarely fogs
  • Coupled with its fantastic features, it is also very inexpensive and under $200
  • The helmet shell is made of polycarbonate which gives it its lightweight.
  • In the case of high speeding, it creates a loud noise.
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  1. Triangle Biohazard Helmet

Have you been thinking of these helmets being boring? And being just for protection with no design? Here is a game-changer as you can be stylish and safe at the same time. 

The triangle biohazard helmet model is very stylish, attractive, and also take into consideration your safety. It can be seen in so many colors, patterns, just as it suits you.

The helmet is a full face spec and also termed as one of the safest helmet adopted by DOT especially if you ride through the highways regularly. It has been tested in so many ways and I can’t but help include it as one of the best and safe helmet you can consider, as the shell is made from great and advanced ABS model technology. That is, the helmet shell is made with high-pressure thermoplastic technology which aids its durability.

EVO2 Safety Helmet with Slip Ratchet - White - Vented (JSP AJF030-000-100)


Thinking about the cost?  it is not expensive.

The inner part is also made of a multi-density EPS liner which does not put pressure on your face, but also adds comfort as it is padded. The ventilation of this helmet also includes the upper part and the back extractors liners

The soft padding which is in the inner part can also be removed for maintenance and washing as it is very hygienic and adds comfort.

  • The system features a padded strap around the chin and also with a micrometric closure to prevent excess wind from entering.
  • It is comfortable and has a very reliable washable padding.
  • Gives a lot of unpleasant sounds when used at high speed.
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  1. Nenki Full Face Helmet

For your fashionable helmets, if you wish for colorful helmets or love to be safe and stylish at the same time, then this is your best bet. It comes with many flashy, bright, and attractive colors depending on your style and choice. 

It has a characteristic shell that is injected with fiberglass expanded polystyrene. It is very durable and gives an excellent impact during absorption which makes it very comfortable and overwhelming.

NENKI Motorbike Helmets NK-856 Full Face Motorcycle Crash Helmets,Fiberglass Shell, ECE Approved With Dual Visors (Medium, Matt Black & Orange)


It is characterized by dual visuals which are made from inner sun visors and the iridium red. However this helmet does not fully guarantee full protection from fog, but depending on the weather, the helmet is an excellent wear. This helmet model also has some vents which help in ventilation and make the airflow properly. The vents should however be adjusted accordingly to prevent and allow airflow, depending on the weather.

It can also be washed easily and conveniently so as to remain fresh and clean for use. Also, it is DOT approved, so you don’t have to bother about the efficiency of this helmet.

  • For Fancy dudes, this helmet should be their go-to as it is very colorful and attractive.
  • The shell is made of some good fiber and it is very durable to use.
  • For long-distance trips and highways, it can suit the purpose perfectly
  • It fits just a bit too snug and can go a size up.
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  1. Yema Modular Helmet

This is the last helmet on the write-up and it was carefully chosen because of its high demand in the market and is the most attractive helmet. It has a very sleek shape and looks fierce kind of, with contoured shell and sharp lines.


Motorbike Crash Modular Helmet ECE Approved - YEMA YM-926 Full Face Racing Motorcycle Helmet with Sun Visor for Adult Men Women - Matt Black, S

It is DOT approved and one of the best helmet that can be used for your safety

  • It has a pad and lining on the inside which is removable.
  • The shell is resistant to UV light and has a very good aerodynamic shape.
  • The shell sizes can be small
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The above write-up consists of different types of a cheap helmet that can suit your purpose. Be it a fashionable type or just for your safety only, kindly read up and choose your most preferred.

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