Best Women Mountain Bike Helmet

Mountain biking or hiking is an exciting and adventurous activity. You can get a lot pumped up with adrenaline when you mountain bike. Most men engage in this activity, however, some women are changing the narratives and even doing better in this.

Best Women Mountain Bike Helmet 2020

There is a popular saying stating that what a man can do, a woman can do even better. Times are changing and women are proving this again and again. You can mountain hike for fun or as a form of sport. This is applicable to both men and women. Mountain biking comes with some risks, therefore it is essential you protect yourself from impending crash or dangers. 

A good and cute bike helmet is an important apparatus you need while riding whether uphill or downhill. It protects you while you hike on the mountain especially when hurling over rocks. Thinking of buying the best women bike helmet, here is a write-up detailing the top helmets you can buy and use. 

In recent times, many helmets come with the MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system) feature, this serves as an added security for the rider.  

Things to look out for when buying The Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Women

As a woman who wants to buy a new mountain bike helmets or if you are buying in place for a woman, there are a few important things that should always put in mind. It is necessary to know the best mountain bike helmet for females, this is what this article aims to achieve. This will help you make an informed decision. Here are some pertinent questions to ask:

Does it have a MIPS feature? What size would fit the head? How comfortable is it? Is it a bike helmet you can afford? What is its weight? Does it have a camera mount? What is its durability like? How easily can it absorb heat/sweat?. These questions will serve as a guide when making a decision to buy.

Check out:

The protection it offers

You definitely want protection while you ride. Safety and security are what a helmet should provide. This is like the major function of a helmet. When making a purchase, ensure this is a factor you should look out for.

Helmet technology 

New helmets come with modern technologies, one of the latest features is MIPS. It is ideal to check out the technological features when you want to buy a helmet. A good helmet should also have an excellent crash technology, this will help reduce the effect crashes would have on the rider.

The ventilation of the helmet

How well ventilated a helmet is an important factor to note when buying a helmet. The number of vents the helmet has is specified in the product description or guide, the mechanism is also highlighted therein. A helmet that has more vent holes and a wider diameter is the best; so when buying a mountain bike helmet ensure you look at the product description and ensure you choose one with many vents. 

Superb padding or liners

If you are going on a long trip, you need a comfy helmet. One that is well padded with a good liner is very convenient to wear, it absorbs sweat and prevents you from feeling unnecessarily hot. The liner of a helmet plays a crucial role in the level of comfort you get. Therefore this is a factor you should watch out for. 

How it fits and if it can be adjusted 

The right fitting is what every rider wants. Therefore in picking a mountain bike helmet, ensure you pick one that has the best fitting for your head or one you can adjust to fit appropriately. 

The price of the helmet

Price is an important factor to consider. Your budget will determine the type of helmet you will buy. Ensure you buy a helmet that is worth its price. Its effectiveness or performance must be equivalent to how much it was purchased. 

How durable it is

Durability is important as you would not want to buy a product that will not last the test of time. One way to check how durable a helmet is is to check the customers’ ratings and seller rank. The construction of the helmet and the properties used to make it also goes a long way to determine how long-lasting and durable it is.

Best Women Mountain Bike Helmet 2021 -Quick Review

  1. Giro Chronicle Mountain Bike Helmet

The Giro Chronicle is a durable mountain bike helmet with wide coverage and designed with MIPS technology that provides protection for your head from all angles. This Mountain Bike Helmet is the right choice for riders on diverse terrains. It provides an ideal balance by having a breathable design and offering adequate protection.

Giro Unisex's Chronicle MIPS Cycling Helmet, Matt Black/Gloss Black, Medium (55-59 cm)

It has a wide coverage that covers both the sides and the back of your head. The MIPS technology helps to reduce the effect of any possible crash. This mountain bike helmet comes with an adjustable viewfinder that you can raise up to make room for your eyewear. The Giro Chronicle helmet comes with an adjustable Roc Loc fitting feature that makes it comfortable to wear. 

This mountain bike helmet has cool max, which is a lining that absorbs and keeps your head dry as much as possible all through your ride. The Giro chronicle bike helmet has about 14 vents this gives room for better ventilation and airflow.

It is a relatively affordable helmet that offers a lot of value. The Giro Chronicle is a must-have for anyone woman who loves or wants to mountain bike or hike.

  • It comes with the innovative MIPS technological feature
  • It is a padder or liner that absorbs well
  • It is quite affordable
  • It can be adjusted to fit
  • It is compatible with a good motorcycle eyewear
  • It has good coverage
  • It is very comfortable to wear
  • The visor is raised high, which sometimes blocks the rays of the sun
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  1. Bell Super 3R Mountain Bike Helmet

If you’re looking for a mountain bike helmet that strikes the right balance between comfort and safety, the Bell Super 3R Mountain bike helmet is the one for you. This full-face helmet comes with a detachable chin strap. The Bell Super 3R helmet is the best choice for riders who need more breathability when riding uphill and more safety downhill.

BELL Unisex's Super 3R MIPS MTB Helmet, Matte Black, Large/58-62 cm

This helmet has a good customers rating and a good sellers bank. This mountain bike helmet offers great protection and helps to reduce the effect of a collision or crash. This bike helmet is very suitable for downhill cycling. It comes with its own unique MIPS technology and a detachable chin bar for adequate protection when cycling down the slope.

The removable chin bar is optional and not as sturdy, however, from customers ratings, it has been noted that this optional chin bar protects the face very well especially during an accident. The removable visor is also easy to adjust and it allows you to use your motorcycle eyewear; if you so want for extra protection.

It is very easy to adjust to fit to what you want. Some of the properties of this mountain bike helmet are that it is lightweight and gives room for breathability. It is very comfortable to wear. All in all, the Bell Super 3R mountain bike helmet is a great and versatile helmet designed to make you as comfortable as you can as you ride.

This mountain bike helmet has about 23 vents which allow for more airflow It is an improved version with advanced technologies It comes in different color variants. It comes at a high price but it is worth the price as it is an all-rounder mountain bike helmet. If you want a headgear that has got good coverage, versatility protection and all, then the Bell Super 3R Mountain Bike Helmet is what you should go for.

  • It has the MIS technological feature
  • It comes with a removable chin bar
  • It allows for better breathability
  • It is lightweight
  • It is well-fitting
  • It offers proper protection
  • It is quite costly or expensive
  • The exterior straps, according to some users, may offer some discomfort
  • When worn without the chin bar, the helmet is less secure
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  1. POC Tectal Mountain Bike Helmet

The POC Tectal is an exquisite mountain bike helmet with unique features that provide comfort and safety. It is a unique mountain bike helmet. It has recco reflectors that make it easier for search and rescue teams to find you if you get stuck in the bush, slip off your mountain bike or even get trapped.

POC Unisex's Tectal Cycling Helmet, Kalkopyrit Blue Matt, XS-S

This is available in a range of sizes and it has adjustable capabilities that make it a sought after women mountain bike helmets. It also comes with an anti-odour product made of polygen specifically put inside the bike helmet. The purpose of the substance is to help keep the helmet from smelling bad after a long and eventful ride uphill or downhill.

The POC Tectal does not have the MIPS technological feature, however, this doesn’t imply that the protection that this mountain biking helmet offers is not topnotch. Instead of MIPS, this mountain bike helmet uses another technological feature known as aramid fiber grid.

This is mostly used in the aerospace and military industries for carrying out ballistic tests or for body armour construction. This feature improves the sturdiness of both the inner and outer part of the bike helmet, It also helps minimize the effect or impact that occurs during a collision or crash. 

This mountain bike helmet has a comprehensive coverage design that helps protect both the sides and the back of the head. It comes in different sizes, and each has an adjustable visor that can be lifted up when you deem it fit. This helmet is very comfortable, you can wear it for a long period of time while on a trip and not feel any pain whatsoever.

It has a good number of vent holes that makes breathability while riding very easy. You can also get good airflow and ventilation with this mountain bike helmet. The POC Tectal helmet is a bit expensive; however, it is really worth the price. It is an inventive and versatile tool. This is definitely one of the best women mountain bike helmets. 

  • It comes in about 10 different colour variants 
  • It has the unique recco reflector feature which makes it first of its kind
  • It has excellent ventilation and airflow
  • It is fitted with an aramid fiber grid for better  protection
  • It comes with a polygene material that prevents it from having a foul smell
  • It has a comprehensive coverage design that is topnotch
  • It is adjustable, thus making it fit the head of any mountain biker
  • It doesn’t come with a place for a headlamp or a spot where you can position a camera
  • It is not equipped with the MIPS technological feature
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Hiking up the hill, or down the hill is fun to do. While enjoying the moment, ensure you get yourself fully protected. One way to do so is to get a good mountain bike helmet. As a woman, biking on the mountain may seem more difficult than it will be for a man; however, with determination, practice, skill and experience, you can do very well as a female mountain biker and in some cases even do better than some men. 

Mountains have rocky features and terrains, therefore when riding it is important to take care and precaution. A good mountain bike helmet will do justice to this. This article can serve as a guideline when buying your next women mountain bike helmet. Highlighted above are the top helmets for women who are mountain bikers. The information will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing the helmets. 

Start exploring and riding. Mountain biking can be a form of sport or you can engage in it as a form of recreation and relaxation. You can take time out to ride on weekends or maybe twice in a month. You can also ride with family and loved ones.