Best Enduro MTB Helmet

Enduro mountain bikes are some of the life-changing elements that made mountain cycling a lot of fun, leading to more versatility of mountain bikes, and more enduro helmets produced.

Enduro mountain bike racing is a type of racing that has the downhills timed, and the uphills are made mandatory but have no time factor. It is a type of mountain bike cycling that was formed as inspiration from car rally racing and also the enduro motorbike racing.

Best Enduro Mtb Helmet 2021

Regardless of which mountain bike you choose, a helmet is an important feature you definitely cannot do without. However, an enduro helmet stands different due to a number of reasons, part of which is that it is a gravity focused mountain which involves bike pedaling. During an enduro race, the Enduro Mtb helmet is both technical and physical.

The market possibility of mountain biking helmet is very huge and cannot be overemphasized as it has great potential. Mountain biking has been so much fun and a sight to behold though risky, which makes it necessary for several models of helmets as safety measures to be made available. It is mainly of two types, which are the Ultralight Xc open-face lids and the Fully faced DH helmets. Technically, the open face lids are used for trail and enduro riding

Characteristics of the Best Enduro MTB Helmet

  • Compatibility- helmets to be bought should be able to work with sunglasses or goggles. Although the helmet compatibility always varies with different types of models. Purchasing your own glasses after getting a helmet should
  • Visor- almost all mountain bike helmet requires a visor not really because it looks cool but also because it protects your face from harmful elements like branches or flying debris. Also, the visors can be adjustable.
  • Style- not mincing words, the style of the helmet is very important even though it is subjective, such as the color of the helmet. Every individual has their preferred style that their helmet should be.
  • Ventilation – since a lot of people ride in fair weather, a helmet with a lid that is poorly ventilated could ruin your perfect day out or ride. Even though the number of air vents does not necessarily mean good ventilation but the height of the internal air ducts is responsible for the flow of air through the helmet and is one of the best distinguishing characteristics of the best enduro mtb helmet.
  • Adjustments- Almost all helmets make use of three to four-point strap adjustments, with their straps looped across the inside of the helmet, or also attached to the shell. The three-point system is better as it serves as a better fit but when compared to the four strap system, it is less tidy. There are buckles under the ear side that are adjustable and can also be fixed therefore offering great flexibility and versatility. An aggregation of all the above elements makes the helmet is great fit without compromising safety and comfort.

Best Enduro Mtb Helmet – Quick Review

Below is a list of the Best MTB Helmet;

  1. Bell Super 3 Mips Helmet

The best type of enduro mtb helmet just got cheaper with all its features untampered. It is Bell’s best-produced mtb helmet which is convertible, fits perfectly well, and also with the right amount of ventilation without compromising the level of protection it offers.

It is made up of a wide peak which slides up easily and can allow you to make use of your goggles or glasses. The structure material used in building this great helmet is both solid and durable having in mind that it is used for mountain biking.

BELL Super 3 MIPS Cycling Helmet - Matte Cobalt/Pearl Joy Medium

In essence, your safety measures are not complete without the super 3 Mips helmet. The chin area has a bar that can be converted at will and gives you a chance to technically own two helmets in just one buy.

In addition, there is the presence of a MIPS liner which is integrated into the shell of the helmet. The MIPS helmet also features the latest float fit system which possesses sticky rubber dusk that works perfectly even with wet or muddy gloves.

Even on the hottest day, you will be protected from excessive sweating as a result of many vents and perforations which are found in the inner pad. Opting for this type of helmet would do be of great help to mountain cyclers.

  • Sweating is reduced during rides.
  • Two in one model of helmet.
  • Features like the latest float fit system are available in this system of helmet.
  • The helmet is adjustable and has a point for emergencies.
  • It is expensive and weighs a lot.
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  1. Oakley DRT5 helmet

The Oakley is famous for sunglasses production, however, they branched into helmet production which has been very impressive in the helmet industry.

It has so many features which make the helmet very awesome. Features include the BOA retention system which is attached to the MPS liner and responsible for its comfortability. Also, there is the presence of a silicone sweat gutter up at the front which helps prevent water from dripping out of your eyes. A set of clamps is available at the back of the helmet which helps hold the sunglass in place.


Oakley DRT5 Bike Helmet, dark brush, S

With the Oakley helmet, your head meets a comfortable part of the MPS liner which provides comfort. The liner doesn’t provide the necessary grip but also helps make sure the helmet remains firm on your head. Also, the helmet has sweat gutter features which are very effective in preventing excessive perspiration in the head region.

Hooks attached to the Oakley helmet are removable which creates an avenue for the goggle strap to sit on conveniently even when not in use. The chinstrap attached to the helmet is adjustable so it can be adjusted to a level that it becomes looped under your ears.

  • Thought of the most comfortable type of helmet, it is the Oakley helmet type.
  • Reduces heat dispensed around the head
  • It can be used with so many features such as goggle, visor e.t.c
  • Shell wraps are enclosed in the EPS core of the helmet which helps protect you so well during the ride.
  • Material composition is very excellent.
  • Noise minimization is unparalleled while using this type of Helmet.
  • It’s more expensive than the bell super 3 helmet type.
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  1. Fox speed frame Pro Helmet

If you have checked through the above, and wish for a less expensive helmet this is the best type for you. Should you wish for comfort or a helmet of lesser price, the Fox speed frame pro will cater to all this and more.

Some quick features it exhibit include google parking, visor tilting, camera wearing, almost all excellent features you wish for. It is an amazing type of helmet. The Fox speed frame pro serves as compensation for the last helmet made by the fox, taking into consideration necessary features that flopped earlier which include a flimsy visor, badly fitting straps, and also a retention device that has no adjustment. All these have been rectified, thereby giving us the fox speed frame pro which is the best I have ever seen.


FOX Dropframe Pro MIPS MTB Elevated Mountain Bike Helmet Day Glo Yellow Large

When you turn it upside down, you get to see the dual-density EPS, but how there are internally joined cannot be seen. This makes it possible to fix the eps in terms of any issue. It is solely a high tech type of helmet. Also, it has a MIPS lining to help reduce additional rotational forces.

The peak feature is adjustable to four different positions and has the ability to be tilted easily so as to be able to stash a lot of goggles under it. In addition, the dialed fit system which is 360 has a press stud arrangement and can be used to adjust the height easily.

Added quality of the helmet is an antimicrobial treatment to help reduce or prevent odor totally. The magnetic buckle can be opened and closed easily and at will but do not rip your skin off.

  • It has both MIPS and Dual density EPS
  • The helmet shell is made of extremely good materials which are also responsible for its lightness.
  • Comfort is excellent with the fox speed frame helmet which is attributed to the liners present.
  • They are very cheap and worth their price.
  • Has a lot of new features and functions making the helmet nice to use.
  • Also, it is light compared to the bell type.
  • The liner attached to it isn’t firm and do move around.
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  1. Endura Singletrack II helmet

Endura is new in the helmet industry but has been on a spree of improvement. It exhibits a high-tech koroyd construction with the top end made of MT500 which helps make sure they are lighter than other regular helmets.


Endura Singletrack II MTB Helmet Large/X Large Khaki

Even with their size at 284g for both medium and large size, they have excellent fit on your head when it is worn. Added to the helmet’s small size, are its vents which are found on top of the lid, also serve a function as a radiator scoop of a racing car. The internal part help moves big pops of air directly from your head, making it the best helmet year long.

The retention system of the helmet is not really a full wrap-around model, but also very comfortable and secure. The height is also adjustable.

The moulded rear help stop water slippage and the EPS is also protected by the shell which is around the vulnerable base of the helmet.

  • It comes in various sizes and colors which helps make riders have variety of choice.
  • It is built with koroyd construction system, which is responsible for its lightness.
  • Has a retention factor system
  • Affordability is the brand’s mantra.
  • Ventilation power is very great.
  • It mainly used as a weather helmet.
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  1. Bell 4forty MIPS Helmet

A great type of helmet with all great features, manufactured by Bell and under £100 is the Bell 4forty MPS helmet which is an example of the premium spec helmets.

Features saddled with this type of helmet include the MIPS protection that helps make sure the helmet gives maximum protection needed. Also, it is made with modern shape in mind integrating MIPS into their helmet retention system making the helmet less heavy than the other type of bell helmet.


BELL 4Forty MIPS Cycling Helmet, Matt/Gloss Black, Medium (55-59 cm)

The padding system is arranged brilliantly which will cater for your head so well and have a lot of comforts, preventing sweaty foreheads.

It also includes MIPS into their retention system instead of the separate twistable liner which helps keep the helmet as a low profile helmet, reduces heat buildup, and also the interior padding a unique type of design.

There is a system attached to the helmet which helps channel sweat directly from the forehead region and also reduces it dripping straight into the eyes.

Your skull is guaranteed to be protected easily due to its comfy plastic cradle and can be adjusted with all the 4 indexed part tilt positions

  • The helmet can be adjusted easily to fit.
  • Comes in varying sizes and shapes to fit your head
  • Ventilation is guaranteed
  • The pads on the inner part are thin and do not get saturated easily.
  • The ventilation vents are less thereby making the helmet a little bit hot.
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Having read through through the above write up, you should be able to select the best enduro mtb helmet needed for riding. But trying it out is very important, as you wouldn’t want to buy a helmet that does not fit you perfectly unless it will become useless.

In fact, trying it out before buying should not be overemphasized, it is very important, as that is the only way to know if the helmet sizes you.

If it fits well, then choosing a helmet type that fits your purpose should be very easy as we have highlighted helmets with the best ventilation, best features, lightweight, and even lesser price.

Kindly read through our best value tip.