Best Low Profile Open Face Helmet

If you are not a fan of bulky or expensive helmets, then opting for the best low profile open face helmet that will grant you unparalleled safety and DOT approval should be your point of action.

An amazing feature this low profile helmet has is their lightness, which is attributed to the fact that materials used for these helmets are half of what is yes for larger full-faced helmets. Also, there is great access to wider visibility and fresh air. This makes riders using these helmets look as though they are badass riders. 

Best Low Profile Open Face Helmet 2021

If perhaps you are scared of the helmet’s safety due to its cheapness, then you should consider checking for helmets that are cheap and also certified by DOT. All helmets that are certified by DOT have all the necessary features that make it a safe helmet. Also, their inner liner is very thick and always composed of tough materials that help provide comfort for your head.

400;”>Open face helmet is also known as ¾ helmet as it helps cover both the top back and also the sides of your head, leaving your face exposed. These types of helmets are found mostly amongst scooters and cruisers as they wish to have their face area kept open so as to feel the speed of the wind directly on your exposed skin area.

Technically, open face helmets can be characterized as full-face helmets relative to the safety of all necessary areas that they protect. Also, the helmets do come with either partial or full-faced visors which help to protect the eyes and face from sunlight. However, if you are not a fan of a visor or shield, wearing sunglasses or goggle for your eyes protection is necessary.

Advantages of Open Face Helmets

  • Most riders do enjoy the feeling of the sun in the morning or wind on the surface of their cheeks when they hit the road which might be actually be attributed to the fact that early morning sunlight is a good source of vitamin D.
  • Also, wearing one of the best open face helmets is a goal do not only guarantees your safety but also quick emergency exit especially in terms of an accident. During an accident, you can off the helmet with ease and quick so as to get yourself safe.
  • It is always better to be a law-abiding citizen, however, wearing helmets like the open-faced one makes you cool as it indicates state regulations compliance.
  • Staying cool and fresh is really a characteristic of an open-faced helmet because, apart from making airflow towards your chin and cheeks easily, it also provides a better or wider view range than the modular or full-face helmet. 

Open-Faced Helmet Prices

  • Under $100 helmet- these types of open helmets are the cheapest you can find on the market. Just as their price is cheap, they also offer a minimal amount of protection just for your safety, as long as it is certified by DOT. Also, they are not always equipped with many features as you can see in the expensive ones. 
  • $100- $200 helmet- a lot of decent open face helmets fall in this price range, and are always equipped with more features like better visors or shields as against the cheaper version of helmets. 
  • Over $200 helmet- helmets within this range are undoubtedly excellent as they cost a little more money than other types of open face helmets. They are always manufactured with the highest quality material so as to compensate for its price.

Necessary Features to Note 

  • Comfort is one of the most Germane features to take into consideration while getting a helmet, which is because wearing your helmet might be inconvenient if they are not comfortable. In addition, the size, shape of the helmet should be inspected closely so as to make sure it is comfortable as much as possible and has no pressure spots.
  • Noise reduction is yet another great feature to check out while our basing your helmet. Technically, open-faced helmets are noisier than other types of helmet, especially the full-faced helmets, which is due to the fact that open-faced helmets are less aerodynamic. Even at this, some brands have an excellent ability to reduce noise inflow based on some characteristics pertaining to their brand. Generally, wearing a helmet that reduces noise to the nearest minimum is very important.

Best Low Profile Open Face Helmet – Quick Review

Below is a list of low-profile motorcycle helmets that will fit perfectly for your purpose.

  1. GMax HH 65 Bravery Helmet

The GMax Bravery helmet was founded way back in 1999 and has since then been manufacturing high quality and safe helmets with consideration to making the helmets very affordable as much as possible. They are mainly built on a mantra of comfort and fit. 

The helmet is built with a thermoplastic poly-alloy shell, which makes use of dual-density EPS technology, and aslo a comfort liner which helps make the helmet fit as a low profile helmet, and also making it fit. The shell is designed in such a way that it allows for maximum airflow so as to help minimize heat radiating from the top of the head. 

Scoot and Ride Safety Helmet With LED S-M head size 51-55cm

Also, the GMax Bravery open helmet has some great features, which include two retractable, hard-coated, and also a 100% Ultra Violet400 shield that is sun resistant. The sun shield has two sides, one which is clear, and the other side which is dark smoke tinted.

Furthermore, no special tool is needed for the removal of the sun shields as they can be removed easily and quickly. Lastly, it has a removable interior part which makes it very easy to clean and have a nice helmet afterward. 

  • Cleaning your helmet has been very easy as they have an interior that is removable.
  • For a low profile fit, the helmet is made of dual-density EPS technology which makes it very excellent.
  • It is compatible with helmets, so makes riding comfortable and fun.
  • If you want a helmet with a cleaner modern look, without the full dressed version of the HH-65, the GMax Bravery is an excellent choice. Ac
  • For safety purposes, the chin has a quick release buckle which makes the helmet easy to remove in case of emergencies. 
  • The shields are excellent and are of two types.
  • Finally, they are cheap and fit as a low profile helmet.
  • It is built in a way that accommodates noise but can be reduced only if additional features are bought separately. 
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  1. GMAX HH-65 Ritual helmet

The safety design of the ritual helmet makes it earn it’s DOT certification easily. The drop-down sun visor is tinted and comes in handy especially when the sun reaches your eye level. The tinted shield can also be replaced with the clear visor part which makes sit excellent for ultraviolet and wind protection. Also, no tools are needed for the visor swap as they can be changed easily and conveniently.


Covalliero Children's Helm Reithelm Carbonic VG1 Helmet, Charcoal, 50-54 cm

The interior part of this low profile helmet is equipped with an injection-molded EPS which helps make sure that air passes over your head to help minimize heat up. Another feature in this helmet is a removable lining which used the Coolmax core technology which does help to make sure heat is pulled off from you and help make sure that evaporation is facilitated. 

The helmet is also equipped with a snap-in neck curtain that can be attached or detached easily with increased temperature regulation. Wind blast can also be prevented by the curtain shielding its effect. In addition, the curtain possesses speaker pockets which makes it possible for Bluetooth installation. The helmet does not come with BlueTooth, but you can always purchase it separately

  • Comfort is at its peak with the ritual helmet, as it possesses a CoolMax interior which helps cater for dryness and comfort.
  • Easy cleaning is possible with its removable interior.
  • The UV shield is sun resistant
  • It has dual-density EPS which makes it possible for a low profile fit.
  • The helmet is intercom compatible and the Bluetooth device can be bought separately.
  • It is DOT certified.
  • Some important features require being bought before enjoying the helmet to the maximum level.
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  1. Bell Scout Air Helmet

Bell brand has been established for as long as 1954 and holds tall in manufacturing reputation as a high-quality helmet maker for motorcycling, cycling, and also auto racing arenas. However, the Bell Scout Air Helmet is an example of a low profile helmet made by this brand. 

Bell Men's SCOUT AIR Helmets, Black MATT, L


As of today, the Scout Air Helmet fits perfectly as one of the best low profile helmets in the market is an evident feature of the helmet is the extended ear part coverage which helo give it a totally different look compared to other straight-up half helmets.

Even with its robust construction, its weight is still light at about 900 grams which helps make sure your ride is enjoyable. Also, the interior lining makes the helmet warm and soft, makes it fit properly, and also comfortable on your head. 

  • The shell is constructed with tri matrix composite which makes it very strong for use.
  • An added accessory to the helmet is a shield which makes it better than other types of helmet.
  • The EPS liner is large in size and has about five shell sizes, and also two snap peaks.
  • The helmet is manufactured with safety in mind, and DOT certified.
  • Wind noise is not fully prevented from the helmet.
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  1. Bell Custom 500 Helmet

The other product of interest is also from the bell brand and is one of the best old school helmets you can find out there. This great helmet is the bell custom 500 low profile helmet. 

The shell is made from custom fiberglass layup and also a specially designed foam layer which helps make sure the great is lightweight, low profiled, and also meets up with DOT certification standards. It sits pretty lower on the head, which is attributed to its thin profile shell. The helmet is equipped with 5 shells and the EPS sizes help ensure a perfect fit and without a wobble. 


Bell Men's CUSTOM 500 Helmets, Black, L

Also, it fits perfectly on your head, allowing a free flow of air through your head, protect you from elements, and also help make it comfortable for riding. In addition, it also offers wide visibility, prevents some wind and highway riding noise. 

In addition, the helmet provides extra protection with its face shield which you can buy separately so as to help enhance its safety. Also, it is certified by ECE.

  • The EPS liner has multi-density properties.
  • The chin strap is padded with a strap keeper and also a D Ring closure.
  • EPS liner has so many sizes and also 5 shell sizes which make the helmet a good choice. 
  • Availability of visors and shields that is integrated with five snap pattern.
  • It is not as quiet as the full face bell qualifier.
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  1. Bell Riot Helmet

The last one on the list is the Bell riot helmet, which is also manufactured by the great bell and is of high quality. The designs are mainly based on the bell custom 500 patterns. 

The Bell riot helmet is equipped with the vintage feel, in addition to a modern, easy to change face shield system and also an eye-port gasket which makes it possible to create a practically made design that helps prevent water from dropping to your face at the bowline area in case you are caught up in the rain.



Also, the motorcycle helmet includes a low profile fiberglass helmet construction for improved aerodynamics. Other amazing features of the riot helmet are anti-fog, scratch-proof, UV protective visor, and also aluminum visor mounting features.

In addition, the Bell Riot helmet has an EPS liner which serves as an antibacterial to help prevent unpleasant odor. the chin has a strap which is padded and is identified t possess ECE2205 safety ranking. Hence, raising your face shield can be done conveniently so as to help avoid fogging, or attract fresh air.

  • The helmet comprises up to five shell sizes, which help make up the composite shell as being low profile.
  • The EPS liner has multi-density characteristics
  • The liner of the helmet is composed of antibacterial properties that help prevent odor.
  • The shield is made of aluminum
  • Also, the chin strap is padded and helps make way for emergency purposes.
  • Being an open face helmet, wind speed noise does affect the helmet.
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Having checked through the above, purchasing your new helmet should be so easy, as our group of experts have put together a list of the best low profile open face helmets.

Kindly enjoy your read through this article.